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A note from the filmmakers:

All of the filmmakers, as well as the staff at Kartemquin films, have been profoundly moved by the wisdom, compassion, and generosity expressed in "Talkback" and "Share Your Stories." We often wonder if the years of hard work - frequently underpaid or unpaid - result in films that really make an impact or a difference. Your emails have answered that question with a resounding "Yes!"

As one of our directors said, "The next time any of us is sitting around in the cold at 2 a.m., lugging equipment and sipping vending-machine coffee waiting to shoot a scene -- log on to these Talkback pages and it'll all seem worth it."

We will make sure the subjects of the series get a chance to read your words. We know they will be at least as affected as we have been, and truly recognize the powerful impact of their stories.

With deep gratitude, The filmmakers of "The New Americans"

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