The Parking Lot Movie

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  • About the Film

    Parking lot attendant Harper Hellems, in a blue shirt and green and yellow baseball cap, stands with his hands on his hips in the middle of the parking lot.

    Delve into the rarefied world of one small parking lot in a college town, and the asphalt philosophers who work as attendants there scrutinizing cars and license plates, capitalism, anger, justice, drunkenness, spiritual awakenings, class struggle, entitlement, and the plight of the service sector worker.

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  • What’s Your Bumper Sticker Philosophy?

    An old car with a bumper sticker reading “Bad grammar makes me (sic).”

    Americans wear their emotions on their sleeves, and their personalities on their rear bumpers. The sentiment plastered on a person’s car can say a lot about them, so we decided to reverse engineer the idea and help you find out which bumper sticker best captures your unique point of view.

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  • The Making Of

    Filmmaker Meghan Eckman discusses how a friendship with one of the attendants at The Corner Parking Lot led to an entire movie, and the challenges of creating a narrative arc in a movie about pavement.

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