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Gibbon Polka Days | Polka

“Last Dance for Polka Days?”
This article from Minnesota’s The New Ulm Journal discusses the possibility that the 2004 Gibbon Polka Days may be the last.

News from around Minnesota
A short blurb from the Duluth News Tribune dated July 26, 2004 tells of the closing of the Gibbon Ballroom, as well as the facility’s 70-plus-year history.


Polka History of Dance
Read more about the history of polka. Who invented it? How did it reach the United States? And when was the height of European “polkamania”?

Dance Tutor’s Polish American Polka
Watch a video demonstration of the “Dance Tutor” and partner doing the Polish American polka dance and read an interview with the dancers. Available as a Quicktime download.

Polish Music Center
Associated with the University of Southern California, the PMC is a “research and information center devoted to gathering and disseminating knowledge about all aspects of Polish music.” Read an essay on the history of polka and find links to composer-related sites.

Polka Maniac
Read music reviews, articles and dance listings, and check out photos from recent polka fests. The site’s motto? “Only polka has the answer.”

Polka Jammer Network
Tune in to “the Internet’s Polka Alternative” for polka radio programming—from “It’s Polka Time!” to “Chainsaw’s Polka Madhouse”—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On the Radio
This list of polka radio shows and their Web sites is organized by state. Find the time and frequency of the closest polka broadcast to you.

Polka Broadcasts
Billed as the “world’s most comprehensive listing of polka music on the nation’s airwaves and the Internet,” this page contains info on shows in states from Alaska to West Virginia.

International Polka Association
Learn about the IPA, which has helped create the International Polka Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Chicago and established January as National Polka Music Month. Web site includes bios of Polka Music Hall of Fame inductees, from 1970 to present.

United States Polka Association
The USPA presents the annual Polka Music Awards and Banquet and Polka Festival and Convention, in addition to other events which promote “interest, participation and the betterment of polka music.”


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