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Headshot of Bo Boudart

Bo Boudart
Producer, Director, Videographer

His three favorite films:

Dersu Uzala, Dr. Strangelove and The Emerald Forest

His advice for aspiring filmmakers:

Go shoot films and subjects you feel passionately about

His most inspirational food for making independent film:

Nuts and dates

Filmmaker Bios

Bo Boudart
Producer, Director, Videographer

Bo Boudart has written and produced programs for television networks including PBS, the Discovery Channel, Fox TV and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The themes center on nature, science, indigenous cultures and the environment.

Boudart’s recent projects include Oil on Ice, for which he was co-producer and principal videographer. Focusing on issues of energy policy, Alaska Native human rights and conservation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, this documentary won the International Documentary Association’s Pare Lorentz Award, a Hugo Award, an International Wildlife Film Festival Best Environmental Documentary Award and was nominated for Best Feature documentary at the American Indian Film Festival. Boudart also produced Umealit: The Whale Hunters, a Nova series documentary for WGBH and PBS. Boudart also wrote, co-produced and shot The Sea Is Our Life, a documentary about the protection of offshore Arctic waters against oil drilling that jeopardizes the subsistence needs of Inupiat Eskimos. The film won Best Short at the American Indian Film Festival.

Norman Brown

Norman Brown, a Navajo native, has written, produced and directed documentary, dramatic and educational films and videos about Navajo subjects. In 2005, he wrote, produced and directed Rez Hope, a docu-drama made to educate Native American communities about the effects of drug, alcohol and substance abuse; teenage suicide and pregnancy; student violence and loss of native culture. He developed an outreach program for the greater Native American population, designed to promote discussion of these problems with the New Mexico Department of Health, community health advocacy groups and Native American youth organizations.

Brown wrote, directed and produced A Gift of Life, a 40-minute educational video about genetics, and Kei’ Bidziil, a four-part TV series about strong family relations. He has also produced a number of public service announcements about Navajo health and has been video technical advisor and production specialist for Navajo Area Indian Health Service. He has been a Native American technical advisor for ABC TV series such as The Return of Jimmie Blackwater and Hope and Prey. Brown has played principal roles in feature films including The Thin Red Line, Raising Arizona, Black Day, Blue Night and The Doe Boy.

Christopher Philipp

Philipp has over 25 years of media experience. He was location producer, videographer and researcher for Oil on Ice. Philipp contributed to production stock footage acquisition at Bay Area Videography. He was the producer/director for R. Buckminster Fuller, creating video documentation and exhibits for Fuller’s World Game seminars in Washington, San Diego and Toronto (1977-1978), as well as the Thinking Gallery for the New England Aquarium Gallery. Gallery was an NSF grant-funded project, and the 20-minute video was adapted into the country’s first public interactive computer/videodisc touch screen exhibit, designed and created by Philipp with assistance from the MIT Media Lab.

Philipp received an Emmy from Northern California’s National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for Television News, an educational documentary exploring whether television journalism is a public service and/or a business. He also received a Silver Envision Award for videography on Dreams and Challenges, a film on students’ future goals. He also has more than a dozen years of teaching experience in video and digital media production at the college and high school levels.

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