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Eurasianet.org: Georgia
Get maps, almanac facts and other resources on the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

The History of Georgia
Read about the history of Georgia from the fifth millennium B.C. through the twentieth century.

The Library of Congress: A Country Study: Georgia
This Library of Congress site includes a country profile, a chronology of important events and information on everything from the Georgian economy and educational system to culture and politics.

State of the Environment in Tbilisi 2000
Find out more about Georgia’s capital city and its history, geography and environmental issues on this Web site maintained by the United Nations Environment Programme.

BBC News: “Georgia’s ‘Velvet Revolution’”
Learn more about the issues behind Georgia’s recent political upheavals.

BBC News: “People Power Forces Georgia Leader Out”
Read more about the protests that led to Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze’s 2003 resignation.

Guardian Unlimited: “A Very Georgian Coup”
The Georgian people are “the biggest losers in the ‘democratic revolution,’” this journalist wrote in 2003. Find out why.

Radio Free Europe: “Georgia: Situation in Pankisi Gorge Raises Tension, Speculation”
Learn more about the 2002 tensions in the Pankisi Gorge, located 150 km from Tbilisi, that contributed to the blackouts seen in POWER TRIP.

Rustavi 2
Get news reports from Georgia’s popular independent television station, which also provided archival footage for POWER TRIP.

Georgian Association Home Page
This U.S.-based organization aims to serve as an information clearinghouse about Georgia. Get a brief history and other related links.


AES Corporation
The global energy company’s official site features overviews of its business practices and organization.

AmCham News Magazine: “AES In Georgia: A Personal View”
A former AES-Telasi employee discusses the many challenges the company faced while in Tbilisi.

AmCham News Magazine: “Unraveling the Energy Web”
This article analyzes the successes and failures of AES-Telasi, and the future of Georgia’s energy infrastructure.

Business Week Online: AES’s Dennis Bakke: A Reluctant Capitalist
AES co-founder Dennis Bakke talks about his company’s unique business philosophy and practices in this 1999 interview.

EurasiaNet Business & Economics: “Deals Give Russian Companies Influence Over Georgia’s Energy Infrastructure”
Find out about the implications of the purchase of AES-Telasi by Russian electricity monopoly Unified Energy System in 2003, as seen in POWER TRIP.

EurasiaNet Human Rights: “Voter List Discrepancies Cast Pall Over Georgia’s Parliamentary Vote”
This 2003 article discusses recent developments in Georgia’s energy sector, including the buyout of AES-Telasi by UES.

Unified Energy System of Russia
Get more information about the Russian-owned company that succeeded AES-Telasi as the energy distributor in Georgia.

The Film

Brosse Street Journal: “American Documentarist Presents His Film About Telasi”
Read a brief interview with POWER TRIP filmmaker Paul Devlin.

Filmmaker Magazine: “Nervous Energy”
Author JT Leroy talks to Paul Devlin about the making of POWER TRIP.

BBC Four Storyville: Paul Devlin Interview
Read an interview with Paul Devlin from BBC Four Storyville.


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