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The Film

Filmmakers’ Web Site: Paradigm Productions: RACE IS THE PLACE
Visit the Web site for veteran documentary filmmakers Rick Tejada-Flores and Raymond Telles’s production company to purchase the video for RACE IS THE PLACE and learn more about their productions and careers.

The Performers

Ahmed Ahmed
Check out the official site for this Middle Eastern comedian, the winner of the Richard Pryor Award for Ethnic Comedy.

Amiri Baraka
Learn about the former poet laureate of New Jersey, his activities and publications, photos and artwork.

Andy Bumatai
Browse the Hawaiian-Filipino comedian/writer’s site chock full of Andy items, including a photo gallery, performance schedule, bulletin board and more.

Culture Clash
Visit this site to find out what the satirical theatre group is up to. Find out about events and performances and visit the “Gallery Loco.”

Kamau Daaood
Read this All About Jazz 2004 interview with the Daaood, the “man with a voice like a baritone sax solo.”

Mayda del Valle
Get the background on this Puerto Rican poet from the Nuyorican Poet’s Café site. Del Valle is the youngest person ever to win the National Poetry Slam competition.

Michael Franti
Franti fans can get band tour dates, participate in a message board, buy ringtones and watch music videos on this performer/activist’s site.

Eduardo “Lalo” Guerrero
Read the Tucson Citizen newspaper article written after the passing of Lalo Guerrero, the “father of Chicano music.”

IMDB: Barry “Shabaka” Henley
View a filmmography of Henley’s work.

Danny Hoch
Find out what’s up with Hoch’s performances, plays, poetry, writings, films and other contributions to the worlds of hip-hop, theatre and more.

James Luna
Get biographical information, read the artist statement and peruse the “Artifact Piece” and other exhibitions by the Luiseno Indian performance artist.

Kate Rigg
Visit the Canadian/Indonesian writer/performer’s “Web site-o-rama,” an “all purpose multiculti mixed breed cross referenced po-mo superchinky seriocomic information emporium.”

Raymond “Boots” Riley
Read this reprint of “The Rapper's Red Glare: Boots Riley Hopes the Coup's Album Will Rattle the Capitalists, and Make Some Change,” from The Washington Post.

Beau Sia
Get regular updates on his personal blog from the Oklahoma-born Chinese-American performer and writer.

Piri Thomas
The popular writer/poet/performer’s official Web site includes poems and essays, book information, an art gallery and links to interviews.

PBS: Piri Thomas: Every Child is Born a Poet
Learn about Thomas’s life and work and view video clips of his performances at this Independent Lens companion Web site.

Haunani-Kay Trask
Read a biography of Trask, poet, author and a Professor of Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawaii.


The Artists

Enrique Chagoya
KQED’s Spark episode highlights the artist’s Works on Paper and follows Chagoya as he works on a series of satirical prints aimed at George W. Bush. Watch video and get related links about the Mexican-American artist.

Michael Ray Charles
The PBS series Art in the 21st Century profiles Charles’s investigation of black racial stereotypes drawn from a history of American advertising. Read interviews and essays, view video and download lesson plans at this informative site.

Faith Ringgold
The official site for the African American author and artist best known for her painted story quilts includes a bio, FAQ, interviews and more. View a gallery of her works from 1963-2000 and take the “Faith Test” of Racial Questions and Answers.

Betye Saar
Known for her assemblages that lampoon racist attitudes about African Americans, Betye Saar has been creating and teaching since the 1960s. Read her bio and artist statement, view video interviews and a gallery of work.

Ben Sakoguchi
Born in 1938 in San Bernardino, California, Sakoguchi spent his early childhood in a World War II internment camp in Arizona. Read his bio and view the Postcards from Camp series, part of the 2005 Corcoran Gallery Biennial site.


Race & Racism

PBS: Race: The Power of an Illusion
The companion site to the PBS television series demonstrates how race is both biological myth and social invention. The Web site contains a searchable database for finding information on the science, politics and questions about race.

Teaching Tolerance
A program of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance is aimed at “dismantling bigotry and creating, in hate's stead, communities that value diversity.” The site provides a variety of antibias resources for individuals and classrooms.

National Conference for Community and Justice
An organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism in America offers links to antibias education resources and organizations and includes information and articles on the subjects of hate crimes, racial profiling, Native American mascots and more.

Association of Multiethnic Americans
This nonprofit association of international groups promotes positive awareness of interracial and multiethnic identity. The Web site contains links to related organizations and recommended resources.


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