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Ride shotgun with ex-Mujahid fighter turned cardboard collector Abu Ammar through the chaotic streets of Zarqa, Jordan—a hotbed of political extremism and birthplace of the infamous al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. As Ammar struggles to provide for his family of 11, the film hints that evil acts can emerge from the most ordinary of circumstances.
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A young boy stands in a dirt field with a camel, large tent and industrial farm buildings in the background

The Making Of:

“…I wanted to find out what was happening there, rediscover Zarqa and tell its story from the inside out, in a way that could take people into the heart of a turbulent and often misunderstood region by focusing on its human side.”   More >>

The Filmmaker:

“I discovered that people do not always have unambiguous convictions that lead to action. Every individual participates in conflict between internal beliefs and external forces. They question, they reflect and they recycle.”   More >>
Mahmoud al Massad

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