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Welcome to the ITVS Community Classroom for Map Your World, an engaging way for young people to use technology to become change agents in their own communities.

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Middle School and High School (7-12 grade), Youth Development Organizations, Community College, After School Programs

Subject Areas:
Social Studies, Global Studies, Civics, Media Studies, Public Health

Using The Revolutionary Optimists as inspiration, this curriculum empowers youth to develop targeted campaigns to address issues that affect their families, their schools, and their neighborhoods. Youth will identify and examine issues in their community and develop a plan of action to raise awareness and bring about positive change. Working in collaboration, they will use cellphones and the Map Your World website to create customized surveys and upload data that will be linked to a digital online community map.

With Map Your World, the youth’s data not only provides actionable information that can be used for policy change, but also tells the story of change. Projects have included children in Tanzania mapping malaria bed-net usage, youth in Oakland mapping fresh food availability, the Southeast Asian Young Men’s Group in Seattle exploring safety in neighborhoods around Seattle, and youth in Nashville Tennessee studying energy efficiency practices in low-income homes in their community.

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