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A headshot of Nicole Newnham Nicole Newnham

Nicole Newnham is a documentary filmmaker and writer living in San Francisco. She recently worked on the National Geographic/PBS special Skin, producing a story about the Cambodian community in Boston, where she first learned of the deportees’ plight. Newnham co-produced They Drew Fire, a widely acclaimed feature documentary for PBS about the combat artists of World War II, and co-wrote the companion book, which is distributed by Harper Collins. Her film Unforgettable Face, about a Japanese American soldier present at the liberation of Dachau, and one of the survivors he helped to liberate, screened at the Sundance Film Festival. She produced stories about the changing nature of the American workplace for the currently running PBS series, Livelyhood, and has made over 25 “field pieces” about California farmers, artists and food purveyors for Martha Stewart Living. Newnham was associate producer of Eye of the Storm (1997), a cinema verité profile of United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan that was distributed worldwide by the BBC. She was a San Francisco-based associate producer for several U.S./U.K. co-productions for Discovery/The Learning Channel, including the Emmy-nominated The Human Sexes with Desmond Morris (1996). Newnham graduated from the Documentary Film Program at Stanford University in 1994.

A headshot of David Grabias David Grabias

David Grabias is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over a decade of experience. His films have aired internationally on PBS, A&E, Discovery, FX and National Geographic. David was nominated for an Emmy as a producer on the Discovery Channel’s two-hour documentary special Why Dogs Smile And Chimpanzees Cry, narrated by Sigourney Weaver. More recently, he directed and produced the one-hour documentary The Real Exorcists for A&E, profiling the current state of the exorcism ritual around the world. His previous independent documentary film was Centralia. This revealing portrait of an out-of-control mine fire that threatens to destroy a small Pennsylvania town aired on PBS. And David lived in Turkey for two years to complete the one-hour documentary Those Who Are In Love, which celebrates the country's vanishing folk minstrel tradition. David has worked extensively in creating programming with a number of Hollywood studios, including Sony, Universal and Disney, and corporate clients such as Goldman Sachs and General Electric. He also produced the orientation film for the Getty Center Museum. David is currently co-producing and co-directing Money and Medicine, a documentary for PBS about the health insurance crisis. A founder of Artifact Studios, David is based in Los Angeles.

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