Underground Railroad

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At the gate entryway to the Chinese Embassy, two Chinese guards in dark uniforms wrestle a Korean woman to the sidewalk. On the other side of the heavy black gate, a two-year-old girl watches, in anguish “Lives are in the balance.
Not only the lives of refugees, but lives of the activists.”
—Tim Peters, Underground Railroad activist
A Korean woman in a dark green parka and scarf talks but does not look directly at the camera A headshot of a Korean man hidden by a green surgeon’s cap and mask, talking: only his eyes and eyebrows are visible Dramatic profile of a Korean man, wearing a black scarf
A humanitarian crisis is threatening the delicate politics of East Asian peace: 
the suffering and death of North Koreans as they attempt to escape their homeland and China. While the international community is mired in complex relationships and bureaucracy, a group of dedicated activists are working to deliver North Koreans to safety.
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