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The Film

Incite Productions: SEOUL TRAIN
The filmmakers’ Web site for SEOUL TRAIN includes information on the crisis, how to purchase the DVD and how to get involved, plus official documents, Web links, research reports and key resources.

North Korea in Crisis

U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK)
HRNK was created to “generate interest about conditions in North Korea and to conduct and publish research focusing U.S. and world attention on human rights abuse.” Site includes recent reports, links, events, resources and tips on ways to help.

Human Rights Watch: The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea
Explore numerous articles and get information on North Korea’s human rights abuses, including resolutions, UN activities, survivor testimony and more.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF): International Activity Report 2004: North Korea
Since 1998, MSF has provided resources and medical care to refugees hiding in China and third countries. View this report about their activities and findings.

Amnesty International: Report on North Korea
Read a report covering human rights abuses—torture, execution, starvation and other horrors—committed in North Korea in 2004.

BBC News: North Korea's Problem with Food
Get statistical and anecdotal information on the everyday effects of the North Korean famine in this September, 2005 article.

UN World Food Programme: World Hunger - Korea (DPR)
The largest international aid organization operating in North Korea, the World Food Programme (WFP) has provided 2 million tons of donor food aid since 1995. Find out about WFP activities and facts and figures about the region.

North Korea Zone
“A zone for discussion and information,” this Weblog offers insider news and information on North Korea with links to additional news sites.

North Korea Freedom Coalition: Important Topics
A bipartisan coalition of religious, human rights, non-governmental Korean and American organizations, NK Freedom’s “Important Topics” page highlights first-person accounts, articles, status on legal actions, events and more.

Citizens' Alliance For North Korean Human Rights (NKHR)
Get the South Korean point of view with reports, photos and refugee accounts of human rights abuses and imprisonment in North Korea.

Life Funds for North Korean Refugees
Peruse this Japanese citizen group’s site to find an FAQ, links to other NGOs, as well as news and information on the crisis in North Korea.

National Review Online: “How Can I be Sold Like This?” The Trafficking of North Korean Women Refugees
Read this 2005 article about the trafficking of North Korean women and girls in China and how activists are working to stop the trade.


The Activists

Time Magazine Asia: Asian Heroes: Kim Sang Hun
Read an article about former UN official Kim Sang Hun, who has dedicated his retirement to helping North Koreans escape. Time named him an “Asian Hero” in 2003.

Human Rights Without Frontiers: Interview with Chun Ki-Won
In this 2003 interview, activist and pastor, Chun Ki-Won, talks about why he continues to risk his life for the North Korean people.

North Korea Zone: Q&A with Tim Peters
American activist Tim Peters is director of Helping Hands Korea, a Christian mission established in Seoul in 1990.

BBC: Crossing Continents: Westerner's Help for N Korean Refugees
Read this transcript of a 2003 BBC radio interview with Dr. Norbert Vollersten and learn about his philosophy and the personal sacrifices he’s made to help the North Korean people.

Time Magazine Asia: Diary of a Mad Place
Dr. Norbert Vollertsen is featured in this 2001 Time article, which includes excerpts from his personal diary.



The Film

U.S. Department of State: Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

Incite Productions: SEOUL TRAIN

BBC News: North Korea's Problem with Food

Human Rights Watch: The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea

Timeline: North Korea

Life in Korea: History - 20th Century

Nautilus Institute: CARE's Withdrawal from North Korea

BBC News: Country Profile - North Korea

American Information Web: House Urges Better Treatment of N. Korean Refugees in China (House Concurrent Resolution 213)

Underground Railroad

One Refugee's Story of his Escape from China and Passage Into Seoul by Robert Marquand, The Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 16, 2002

Leading His Flock of Refugees to Asylum: A Missionary Helps North Koreans Flee Via China and Mongolia
by Valerie Reitman, Los Angeles Times, Oct 27, 2002 (Registration and fee required)

Human Rights Watch Report: The Invisible Exodus: North Koreans in the People's Republic of China

A Man With a Purpose: Chun Ki Won has Smuggled More Than 500 North Korean Refugees To Freedom and Safety - Imperiling His Own Life In The Process by Grace E. Jang, KoreAm Journal, Jan 2005. (Site registration required.)


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