Man Bites Shorts

Hilarious. Off-the-wall. Or just plain weird? 

Six unique filmmakers use the art of short films to look at balloons, basketball and bicycles. From a lovesick beatboxer to an eBay-addicted hypochondriac, the men in MAN BITES SHORTS prove that therešs no one easy answer to what it means to be a man.

Compulsory Breathing | Don’t Nobody Love ... | Sergi | Dilly Dally | Tom Hits his Head | Bike Ride | Talkback | Site Credits

Talkback Bike Ride Tom Hits his Head Dilly Dally Sergi Don't Nobody Love the Game More Than Me Compulsory Breathing Don't Nobody Love the Game More Than Me Sergi Compulsory Breathing Bike Ride Dilly Dally