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Kick It with the 9 Most Unforgettable Soccer Commercials

As far as I’m concerned, soccer is a year-round sport. I can find a footie game on the telly from somewhere in the world anytime I want, but the World Cup is the every-four-year event that makes even superficial fans take a keen interest. This year’s World Cup is happening in Russia, and although my … READ MORE

Doug Pray Discusses the Making of Art & Copy

Art & Copy debuts on Independent Lens on Tuesday, October 26. Check your local listings. Meanwhile, here’s some behind-the-scenes insight from director Doug Pray: What impact do you hope this film will have? I hope it will encourage better advertising. Commercial communication is not going to disappear from our environment anytime soon. Ninety-five percent of … READ MORE

Channel Your Inner Don Draper

Mad Men‘s season has ended — whatever shall we do with our craving for mid-century grooviness and salesmanship? Fortunately, Independent Lens has a film coming up this Tuesday, Oct. 26 that will help fill that empty place inside. It’s called Art & Copy, and it’s a film by Doug Pray (called one of documentary film’s … READ MORE