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Director Explores Live Streaming Revolution and How Technology Affects Human Happiness

Technology executive-turned-filmmaker Hao Wu takes a raw and human approach to storytelling in an era when culture evolves online, and for his very first feature film, People’s Republic of Desire Wu won a SXSW Film Festival Grand Jury Prize–pretty impressive for a self-taught filmmaker. He expertly tells a real-life Black Mirror-esque tale that is, wrote … READ MORE

Is This Real Life: The Live Streaming Craze Explained

By Siyi Chen When my dad, a small businessman from Southeast China, asked me, his social media-savvy daughter, how to utilize the internet to help sell his agricultural products, the first thing that came to mind was live streaming. β€œIt’s kind of like the TV shopping channels you watch,” I tried to explain to him, … READ MORE

How a Chinese Filmmaker Ended up in Florida with a Drifter from Utah

Nanfu Wang was a student at NYU when she went exploring America, which found her in Florida staying at a hostel. There she encountered a young drifter named Dylan, whom she found fascinating enough to start filming, capturing his experiences living on the streets while she stayed right there with him. But then she went … READ MORE

Twin Sisters Filmmaker Captures Sibling Bond

Norwegian filmmaker Mona Friis Bertheussen talks about her journey from Norway to Sacramento in making the film Twin Sisters, the story of the reunion between two twins who were separated at birth in China, including  how she gained the trust of the families and the girls.


Ai Weiwei Bail Lifted β€” but Threats of New Charges Loom

Ai Weiwei, the Chinese artist and dissident at the heart of Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (coming to Independent Lens next season), reports that his bail was lifted after a hearing today, and he has left his compound for the first time in a year without having to alert the police of his plans. However, his … READ MORE

IL Classic China Blue to Stream Free; Chat on Globalization with PBS NewsHour

Next up on the summer ITVS Indies Showcase is an Independent Lens classic, China Blue. Micha Peled’s stunning undercover film follows Jasmine, one of many teenagers working at a blue jeans factory, struggling to survive brutal work conditions. Shot clandestinely and without permission from Chinese authorities, China Blue takes a rare and poignant look at … READ MORE