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Book Club Featuring Eliminated Mexican American Studies Texts Draws Fire in Tucson

Tonight is premiere night for Precious Knowledge, a film about the last years of the successful but controversial Mexican American Studies program in Tucson, Arizona’s public schools. (Check your local listings here for when it airs on your local PBS station). Coincidentally, the controversy developed a new wrinkle this week when the local library hosted … READ MORE

Director Eren McGinnis on the Front Lines of Arizona’s Ethnic Studies Wars

In January, the Tucson Unified School District ended its highly successful Mexican American Studies program after state officials threatened to withhold funding from schools that taught ethnic history and literature in a manner they contended encouraged race resentment and revolution against white people. As the political rhetoric was just heating up in Tucson in 2009, directors Ari Palos and Eren McGinnis trained their cameras on these classrooms, interviewed the players, and ended up documenting one of the last years of the program, as well as the beginnings of a complex civil rights struggle in Arizona.


Updates from the Tucson Unified School District

Since the cameras stopped rolling on the documentary Precious Knowledge (premiering May 17 on Independent Lens), the Tucson Unified School District has been all over the news.¬†Precious Knowledge follows the student backlash¬†from a school board decision to dismantle the Mexican American Studies program. Catch up on the whole story with our handy guide to the … READ MORE