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Native American Artifacts Tell a Story of Loss, Betrayal and Survival

Editor’s note: Author Jordan Dresser is featured in the Independent Lens film What Was Ours. He is a journalist, holds a Master’s in Museum Studies, and is passionate about Native American history and culture.  By Jordan Dresser If you listen closely, an item will tell you its story. It can be a story about its maker’s … READ MORE

Filmmaker Mat Hames Goes to Wind River to Amplify Native Voices

Award-winning filmmaker Mat Hames’s feature documentary, When I Rise, about African American mezzo-soprano and civil rights icon Barbara Conrad, was featured on Independent Lens and nominated for an IDA Documentary Award. One of Mat’s other films, Last Best Hope, about the Belgian Resistance during WWII, eventually led to him being knighted by the King of … READ MORE

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with 8 Documentaries

Before you carve the first slice of turkey this Thanksgiving, pause to remember that November is Native American Heritage Month. Originally designated as American Indian Day in 1915 by Native American activists, the holiday honored indigenous people’s contributions to the growth of the United States (including helping the starving, desperate pilgrims on Thanksgiving), and was … READ MORE