Film Credits

Director, Producer and Writer
Suzanne Wasserman

Editor and Co-Writer
Amanda Zinoman

Debra Granik

Original Score
Steve Sandberg

Executive Producer
Deborah Shaffer

On-line Editor
Lizzie Donahue

Additional Editing
Nancy Roach

Additional Cinematography
Ferne Pearlstein, Charles Poe, Jim Fetterly

Sound Recordist
Richard Fleming

Audio Post Mixer
David Wilson

Production Assistant
Nadine Wasserman

Website Designer
Ryan Swihart

Key Grip
David Stern

Best Boy
Raphael Stern

Post Production Services
POW! PIX, Inc.
One Art

Additional Music

Kamta Persaud and Randolph Singh, “Tribute to Elections”

Basya Schechter, “Mosquito Vocal Intro” and “Mosquito”
From the Album: Daddy’s Pockets
Courtesy of Basya Schechter
“Hevel” and “West African Niggun”
From the Album: Out of the Reeds
Courtesy of Knitting Factory Records

Andy Narell “Sea Of Stories”
From the Album: Behind the Bridge
Courtesy of Heads Up International

Tabla Player, Bill Buchen

Women Make Movies

Special Thanks
Women in Film Finishing Fund, NY
Women in Film & TV

Major Francis Abraham
Barbara Abrash
Sadie Amin
John Anderson
Jim Anderson
Doug Block
Boston Jewish Film Festival
Nadira Brancier-Jagan
Steve Brier
Marina Budhos
Nicole Burrowes
Mel Carpen
Esther Cassidy
Adriana E. Davis
Flavia deSouza
Janet Fawcett
July Flander
Vernon Fong
Peter Gilbert
Sam Hinds
Jonathan Hooper
Ambassador Rudy Insanally
Vic Insanally
Cheddi Jagan, Jr.
Janet Jagan
Nadia Jagan
George F. Jones
Lewanne Jones
Dudley Kissore
Laurie Lewis
Melissa Mann
Ian McDonald
Peter Miller
Chuck Mohan
Moses Nagamootoo
Victor Navasky
New York Foundation for the Arts
Ambassador Ishmael Odeen
Josh Orenstein
Michael Peltz
Bernadette Persaud
Robert Persaud
Vic Persaud
Picture Business
Jackie Pine
Edie Rubinowitz
Tony Rajer
Marci Reaven
Philomena Sahoy-Shury
Prabhudyal Sattan
Doug Sayles
Lisa Schalk
Morgan Schmidt-Feng
Jessica Seigel
Zach Sklar
Leah Silverstein
Joyce Toney
Rebecca Uchill
Shonna Valeska
Mike Wallace
Stephanie Wasserman
Tina Wasserman
Maia Wechsler
Bridget Welsh
Helen Weiss
Steve Whitfield

Archival Footage Provided by
BBC Worldwide
NBC News Archives
Corbis Motion, LLC
WPA Film Library
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Cheddi Jagan Research Center
Guyana TV

Archival Stills
Cheddi Jagan Research Center
Chicago Jewish News
Chicago Tribune
Jagan Family Archives
The Jimmy Carter Center
Cyril Latchoo
George Lee
London Daily Mail
Mackenzie Miner Newspaper
The Mirror
Ken Moore
New York Magazine
New York Public Library
New York Times
Paris Match
San Francisco Examiner
Wasserman Family Archives


Major Funding
New York State Council on the Arts
John Sayles
Samuel Rubin Foundation
Open Society Institute/Soros Documentary Fund
Edward and Eileen Wasserman
Arnold Peltz
Yip Harburg Foundation
Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund
Carol Bernstein Ferry
Judith and David Ganz
Puffin Foundation

Additional Funding
Judy Raphael
Jim Rosenberg
Daniel and Miriam Derman
Vicki and Steve Mann
Ann Redlich
Maia and Jerry Mullin
Judy and Phil Rosenberg
Sally Sommer
Naomi Stern
Michael and Amy Wasserman
Norton and Rachel Wasserman
Esther and Ken Berliant
Joel Berman
Sidney and Berenice Bild
Joe and Pearl Bucholt
Miriam and David Canter
Sonny Cox
Susan and Jim Crawford
Ann and Morry Grant
Ronne and Bob Hartfield
Ruth and Gerson Kaplan
David Kenis
Belle Kerman
Marlene and Fabian Necheles
Paul Pearson
Monica and Donald Schwartz
Bernie Sherman
Flora and Raymond Smith
Ruth Weinberg

Produced in association with the Independent Television Service (ITVS)

This program was produced by Suzanne Wasserman who is solely responsible for its content.
Copyright 2003, Suzanne Wasserman. All rights reserved.


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