TROOP 1500

Girl Scouts Beyond Bars



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JoAnne Packus
Oregon City, OR

I was so touched by this movie! I just can't get out of my head the sentence of the nurse who helped 2 people end their lives. Is what she did right? No and even she admits that. Would she do this again? NO! Should she lose her nursing license? Yes! Would she harm society? NO! Is it a crime these children are growing up without their mother that by the accounts of the movie she was an amazing and caring mother. It looks like those traits got her in trouble but did she learn what she did wrong. Yes! 70 yrs how crazy of a sentence is that. Can this lady get a lawyer? This sentence seems way over the top. I think of the other girls too and pray that when their mothers are released they realize what a privilege they have in getting to raise those amazing young women. Hats off to you for making the movie and to the amazing troop leader for being a great mentor for the girls.

JoAnne P

Valerie Klaassen
Alexandria, Virginia

I think that the girls in Troop 1500 visiting their mothers was a good thing to do, and it is good for the prisoners to have rights and to be housed in a faculty near their families as long as they do not harm others. God bless them.

Ken Borba
Clayton, CA

As I watched this excellent program I couldn't help but wonder what the mother who was a nurse was doing there. She should have been given an award, or at the very least a thank you for being compassionate and helping someone who was suffering end that suffering. I had the feeling that this was a case of a prosecutor making a name for him/herself. And then to see how long a sentence that she had received was even more dishearting. And they call this justice!!!

As a Social Worker I see every day what these young ladies are facing by having incarcerated mothers. As a former Girl Scout with her Gold Award and as a former Girl Scout leader I know how positive the Girl Scouts can be in young women's life. Girl Scouts taught me to be a leader and advocate for myself, my family and the children I work with daily.

The importance of attachment for children and their parents is amazing. The Girl Scouts Behind Bars program gives these young women and their mothers a chance to continue that attachment even when they are away. This will positively impact their lives in the long run. If I lived closer to a prison this would be something I would love to be a part of!

Kudos to Julia Cuba and Dr. Grant for their work with these girls and their families. This is what making a difference is about!
Neah Bay, Wa

I too just happened upon this program, It was too real. It was hard to watch but also too hard to quit watching. It is a GLIMPSE into the lives of these young girls. I am thankful for my mom's committment to her own children. I applaud Ms Cuba's committment to these girls and this new method of taking care of all members of society. Good Luck.
Zelda Anderson
Reno, Nevada

I am a mother of 5. I thought that was one of the most heart renching thing I had ever seen. I commend the Social Worker who took the time to do that for those little girls. I would like to be a troop leader and transporter for some special little girls for the Las Vegas Prison. How can I get started?

Thank you.
Fresno, CA

I have had the privilege of being taught by Darlene Grant when I attended UT at Austin and recieved my MSW. I am now an LCSW in California and have worked in both male and female state prisons for the past three years. I applaud everyone involved for putting such a realistic, emotional documentary together. At work we just found out that California may start a "pilot" program allowing women at one prison to keep their babies with them for the first year. I have great hope that this documentary will make many people see the "real" issues when people are incarcerated, rather than just the fact that someone "broke a law". I also hope there is someone out there who becomes inspired by this story and starts a troop that focuses on fathers.

My hat is off to Darlene, Julia, the mothers, and ESPECIALLY the girls of troop 1500 - you all earned your courage badges and then some for sharing part of your stories with the world at large. I also hope that you all remember, no matter where you are you can find help - at any time of your life. No one is well 100% of the time.

Stefanie McCall-Hickey
Springfield, MO

I had the opportunity to view Troop 1500 and meet Julia last October at the National Girl Scout Convention. As a professional Girl Scout, I am able to see everyday the powerful impact that Girl Scouting has on the lives of girls and adults. Troop 1500 is a touching and eye opening film that lets everyone see first hand the impact that Girl Scouting is making in the lives of girls through the Girl Scouting beyond bars program. This is an important film not only because of the heartfelt subject matter, but also because it is letting the public see the outreach opportunities that Girl Scouting provides. Girl Scouts is not just about girls in troops getting together after school. Girl Scouting is provided to girls in homeless shelters, treatment facitilites, juvinel justice centers, and community centers. Girl Scouting is for every girl, everywhere. Thank you to Julia for all of her hard work and to the film makers for opening everyone's eyes to this important topic.

Donald L. Cuba
San Antonio, Texas

To Julia Cuba,

Go girl.


Betty Williams
Kansas City, Kansas

I just want to give everyone props on this flim. I was touched by this story. I'm glad to see someone founding a postive outlook on this. I'm glad that someone is showing young girls that they can learn from the mistake they're mother made, and not only learn, but to love her also and to stay strong and to encourage their mother. My heart go out to all mothers & duaghters. I pray and hope they all can look back at this moment and rejoice, for god has took them out the storm and rain.

Lynne Reynolds
Sackets Harbor, NY

Today I will hold my daughters closer and hug them tighter. I am gratefull for the good life we have, ever mindful of the severity one wrong choice can bring upon a family.

Once viewed, this film lingers.

As a business owner, a mom and a newcommer to GSUSA, I thank all involved in the making of "Troop 1500".

Julia Cuba & Dr. Grant......Pure Inspiration!





This film brought tears to my eyes. I relived the pain I felt as a kid knowing that my mother's habit had taken her away from me. How womderful that the girls have such support. I wish all young girls and boys would have the support of a group like the Girl Scouts. Thanks for sharing.

cincinnati, ohio

Ms. Cuba you are a blessing, a true angel for all of the work and time you put into troop 1500.

In response to the above questions:

I believe it is the family's responsibility to keep the bond alive, but I think that it should be an option to all prisoners with children. I do believe it should be a privilege and not a right, their rights were lost when they committed the crime that put them in prison. Having the visitations a privilege and not a right may also motivate the prisoner to continue good behavior. I believe that the prisoner's family and distance should be taken into consideration if possible, however, with the overcrowding of facilities that may not always be possible.

Annemarie Rudolph

I was deeply touched by your show. I am a Girl Scout (although not active) who learned a lot through the group growing up. I pray for all the Girl Scouts in the show - both adult and child, that what they learn together will strengthen their relationships and continue to make the world a better place. Thank you for the beautiful piece.

Muncie IN

I was so glad I saw this program. Being a former girl scout made it even more moving. I was so impressed by the filmaker and the way she presented the girls and their mothers, and also their lives when they left the prison. Absolutely beautiful...a follow up on the girls and their mothers would be wonderful

Penny Young
Travis AFB, CA

I was very touched by this program. My ex-brother-in-law just went to prison. I didn't realize just how much it is affecting his daughters, until I saw this on tv. His oldest daughter is getting her degree in Social Work, as she would like to help inmates get back on track when they are released. I am going to recommend that she view Troop 1500, if she hasn't already. I think it would help her with school and be very therapeutic for the entire family. Thank you for having such wonderful programming!

atlanta ga

The documentary was verfy informative. Although I never had a mother in the Prison System, she was a prisoner in the welfare system. Even today, after all the 11 kids are grown she is now in the Disability system. One point I want to make about the filmmaker is this: It appeared her heart was into helping the children, but her Soul held alot of worry/negativity. "I'm scared for this, I fear for that" The only thing we can do when we offer our help to make peoples lives better is to give of ourselves and not try to regulate the outcome, it will never work because we are not in the "minds" of people. The more she spoke the more she sounded like a wounded child herself. As if she has'nt dealt with pain in her own childhood. When we Lead, we have to Lead in order to have the best outcome.

Maria I. Campos
Austin Texas

I really enjoyed this piece. The director/producer/troop leader do such an amazing job at expressing the feelings/experiences the girls/their mothers are going through. It addresses such an important issue/s that must be dealt with, and it did it so tenderly and powerful at the same time. I applaud them and hope that more people do become aware of how much each one of us can do to not only pass this along in making others aware, but also do our part in helping.

Juanita Budd
Austin, Texas

Congratulation's Julia Cuba, Dr. Darlene Grant, Ellen Spiro, Etta Moore, and all those who made this work possible. What is so amazing is that I work with Julia Cuba and see her commitment and dedication to these girls daily. These girls love and trust Julia, and Julia has created an environment where these girls have learned to love and trust other adults. How fortunate we are at the Girl Scouts- Lone Star Council to witness this incredible blessing. This documentary should convey why it is important to develop wrap around services that support the whole person so that they may re-enter society with the skills and relationships to function better. If America would embrace and support more programs like this one, we could truly see a difference in one generation.

Thank you,thank you, thank you for helping to change lives!

Concord, NC

I just watched the film last night. I was flipping through the channels and stopped on it. What caught my attention was the girls holding cameras. What a powerful message! These young ladies with so much stacked against them turned the situation into a bonding experience. I admire the troop leader for her big heart and the foresight to see that these girls could use some help, love and guidance from someone not directly involved with their family. She just brings a different perspective. The mothers seemed geniune in trying to hold tight to their daughters. My heart was broken to see the sisters separated and one move away. I could only imagine how lonely she had to feel. I plan to purchase this video and share it with family members(both male and female) who are in and out of the penal system. Maybe it will bring it home to see the damage that is done to the children when adults make bad choices.

Portland, Oregon

I was flipping through the channels and I stopped at this documentary "Troop 1500," and I just couldn't go any further. I want to applaud the filmakers and everyone that has been involved with the children and the production of this film, as well as the parents for allowing viewers to come into their lives and use their experiences as HOPE for others that may be directly involved or indirectly involved in situations like this.

Jenny Wyman
Cedar Park, Texas

I watched Troop 1500 last night in awe. I applaud Julia Cuba's love and dedication to her Girl Scout troop. The show was truly moving and made me think of four of my children. They were all adopted through the foster care system and came from families similar to those in the film. One of my daughters as an infant had to visit her birthfather in prison before she was adopted. If my children had not been adopted, they too would be living the same life as the members of Troop 1500. I couldn't imagine the pain, disappointment and sorrow these children must feel. I am truly grateful for Julia Cuba and the gift of love and guidance that she is giving these girls. Hopefully, with the experiences learned from thier time spent in the Girl Scout program the cycle of crime/drug and/or alcohol abuse for these girls will stop.

Judey Dozeto
Austin, Texas

I was a mentor with these girls last year and I have to say that this program is so beneficial to the development of these bright girls. It was an honor to work with Julia and all the girls of Troop 1500!

Jennifer Cartman

As a mother of four young children ranging from the ages of 6-2 years old, I can not imagine myself away from them longer than a couple of days without worrying about them even if they are with family or not, but when I watched your series last night I felt not only the pains of the mothers but the pain and anguish of the children and how it must feel to have a parent that is non-accesible to there lives. I applaud Julia and everything she is doing for these young girl and hope that as they get older the see this as a challenge that they overcame and will not let it rule there life or how they look at life. This series made me cry and I now want to see what I can do in my community to help young girl in this similar situation.

Teri Whitehead
Waco, TX

I watched the documentary and I have to say I cried throughout most of it. It is very touching that the girls are having the chance to visit there mom's and get some type of closure from their abscence. I have a similar situation cause I am responsible for making sure my stepson see's his fater who is incarcerated. I see what type of negative impact that can comes from having parent in jail. I also got a reality check about gettng my hopes up for parole hearings last night also. I really think that this is a good program. We have to stop the cycle somewhere and this is good start. I really hope all the ladies make it once they are back in the "Free world" and are able to re-establish relationships with there children.

Beaverton, OR

Thank you Ms. Cuba for helping these mothers and daughters. You are their role model and the glue that keeps these lives from turning ugly. If there is success for legal, happy and healthy lives, it's because you care. Please, continue to let us know how your troop is coping with life on life's terms. Bless you.

(a former Brownie and Girl Scout leader for two daughters.)

Lacole Davis
Snellville, Georgia

I was flipping through the channels last night and I came across this program. I cried throughout the entire program. I feel so lucky to have had my mom in my childhood and I never even thought about the girls who don't have their mothers with them for the important times in their lives. This program opened my eyes to things that I have never even considered in my twenty-two years of life. I hope that programs similar to Troop 1500 will become more accessible to mothers and daughters who desire to be in each others eyes even though they have to be separated. THANKS Independent Lens!

Bill Maroney
River Forest, IL

"When I was in visited me" I just finished viewing the film. What a wonderful surprise! What started out as an evening of revelry and wool-gathering ended up being a feast for the soul. It was a very thought provoking experience. When one wonders what they can do or where to start to make this world a better place, Ellen Spiro offers us a look into a world where it's a simple as telling the truth. Thank you Ellen!

J Wood
Tyler, TX

Just watched the film on Troop 1500 which I taped last night.

It is an extrodinary piece that everyone should see. How the mother's even though in prison are being allowed to interact with their children. Also how the children are having to deal with the sin's of their mothers. It is a very difficult thing that people break the law and their actions splatter out on the one's they love the most and then those innecent people have to deal with the sin's of their parent.

I praise this troop leader for taking the time to make a difference in these girl's live's. To try to be a role model for them when their mother was not a good one.

Life with a loved one in prison is not easy, I have a son who has been in prison off and on for more than 40 years and I have to deal with the splatter on my life each day.

May each of these girls in Troop 1500 be able to learn from thier mothers failures and not repeat this in their lifes. Good luck to all of them.

Joshua Smith
Chelsea, MI

I wish to throw my admiration and heartfelt thanks into this discussion about the Troop 1500 documentary. Exceedinly great work!! I am especially grateful to Julia Cuba and Dr. Grant for their devotion to the project and to the girls in the Troop.

I was struck by Julia's compassion and dedication. I was happy with guidance shown by Dr. Grant in one scene about placing undue pressure and responsibility on the child...

I currently volunteer in an intensive boot camp prison ministering to the needs of the men and women incarcerated there. Most are young, many are parents, especially the female prisoners. Although I often think about the issues of parenting for the men incarcerated, I have not given the same sensitivity to the women. In either case, I do see how incarceration break families apart, breaks hearts and spirits as well as breaks down hope.

It is my hope that in the future our penal systems do more to incorporate a wholistic view of rehabilitation of prisoners. Conducting more programs such as this with regard to maintaining family ties and instilling greater parenting skills, where feasible, among our incarcerated populations. It was very evident from this program that some form of family therapy was needed especially within the anxious periods preceding release of incarcerated parents.

With mental and emotional health issues rising sharply in the penal system, therapy prior to release for parent prisoners planning to reunite with children should become a national priority.

3/23/06 Debbie Branson Thank God for this program, and for people like the social worker, to step up and be such an amazing leader. I loved watching the bond between the girls. It was so revealing how important it is to be able to identify w/ others going through the same thing we are. It's necessary for all of us, no matter what age, to combat the lonliness and isolation that would otherwise prevail. Absolutely, I believe it is the penal system's responsibility to keep the "bond" alive, or in certain circumstances revive the bond. Visitations should be a right, but not imposed on children that don't want to be there. And, yes, prisoners have a right to be housed in facilities that are near their families, as long as they do not have to be placed in a stricter security level to do so. Thank you Independent Lens for continuing to bring such revealing glimpses of life to our otherwise narrow view of the world.

A Cornett
White Plains, NY

the girls and their mother's lives. The production and the editing were outstanding, weaving together the old newsreel footage with the present day girls' lives. I am proud of the Girl Scouts.

Joy J
Houston, TX

I watched Troop 1500 last night and found it by accident while channel surfing. It immediately caught my attention. I was so touched that the Girl Scout association was a part of helping these girls with their mom's being in prison. The social worker lady or troop leader whomever she was, I didnt catch that part who drove these girls to prison and to the GS camp seemed so emotionally involved herself. I was amazed that she took the time and patience to go and tell one of the girls personally that her mother's parole had been denied. That was so couragious of her. I really enjoyed the show. The producers should get an award for this one!

Giovanni Pizzi

Wow, this film was artful and profoundly moving. In addition to being beautifully shot and edited, it gave me goosebumps to see an invisible issue being brought to the public. I hope the politicians are watching. The war on drugs was a failure. It has destroyed lives and the children are the victims. The girl scouts cannot do it alone. Wake up America! Thank you to those who put this on the air. This is not an issue of politics but humanity.

Tracy Porter
Jacksonville, Florida

I watched Troop 1500 early this morning. I was so touch my eyes were full of water from the beginning of the program until the end. I am a 27 year old woman that has two sons. One 11 months and 6 years old, I could not imagine what the mother felt or is still feeling. After watching the show I am looking into whatever I could to make a difference.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

I was flipping thru the channels to see what was on and the show caught my attention.My mom has been locked up pretty much my whole life and is getting ready to go back I could relate to the girls on the show except unlike them I didn't get to keep contact with my mother.I think programs like Troop 1500 are very good,so girls can keep that bond and be able to build better ones with their mothers while they are in prison,because in many cases like mine mothers and daughter lose that bond and when they get out its very hard to get that bond back.I cried through the whole show and I could relate to many of the young girls.It made me so sad because i knewn what they were going thru and the different feelings they have about their mom being locked up.I thought the program was great and hope more people will want to start programs like troop 1500 so incarcerated mothers and their children can keep that bond.


I watched the documentary last night with my 4 year old son and I can honestly say I will let my two daughters (7 & 8) view this. I was so amazed how those girls had to deal with the fact that their mothers are in prison. It also facinated my son because I would attempt to change the channel to see if he was watching and he would say "turn back ma". I pray for the familes and keep up the good work.

New York, New York

I loved this film. I happened to run across this program while t.v. surfing and I was immediatley compelled by the story of Troop 1500. I was shocked when the Warden commented that she did not want to participate in this program because she did not want the girls to have a fantasy of prison. How can anyone who has to be pulled away fromt hier mother each visit have a fantasy of prison in years to come. These young girls are learning a lesson early on that needs to be taught, the lessons that you make will and can affect your life forever. Bravo to the film director, the participants and especially the troop leader who had the dedication to these girls and their mother.

leslie washington

I think that this program is good for the children. Because it is wrong that they are punished for a crime they did not commit. I feel this is a step towards helping the children to not make the same mistakes their mother did by giving them a chance to understand the out come. By giving them a chance to express how they feel and getting the correct answer for their questions, this is the begining of breaking the chain. That is generation after generation doing the same thing and ending up in jail. I congratulate the troop leader for being there for the children.

Kellye Hoard

I think that is a good show. It really shows what the mothers and the children are going through. I am a mother and i would not want my daughter to see me like that.

Nick K.
Portland, OR

First off, I loved the programme!! A great piece, hands down!

As for the questions:

(1) The families, definitely, but also the penal system because it's about corrections and rehabillitation, not punishment; family ties can be a real help for convicts in & out of prison.

(2) At first, I thought a right, but it makes more sense as a reward for good behaviour, etc.

(3) I don't know about this one. Maybe if the prisoner continually performs well, they could get a transfer closer to their family.

More to come.

Mary Sicilia
Portland, OR

TROOP 1500 embodies the Girl Scout motto at its very best. I was moved especially toward the end when, on the long trip home, one of the girls held the other girl whose Mom had not made parole until she fell asleep in the van. In the end, these girls may or may not have their mothers back -- but because of their connection with the troop, they will have each other. Thank you, Ellen Spiro, for sanctifying these moments for us all.

Linnette Peralta Haynes
San Francisco, CA

Hello Troop 1500,

First I would like to just acknowledge the strength of the girls of Troop 1500, their mothers and the Troop leaders/social workers. I think this video is wonderful in that it exposes so many of the issues for children of incarcerated parents, and of the incarcerated women. I also liked how the children made parts of the video as well.

I have worked with incarcerated women in jail (specializing in domestic/intimate violence) and have volunteered to with women serving life for killing their batterer (the Habeas project). I am currently working on my Masters in Social Work at San Jose State, in California. I think the woman who created this program is phenomenal. This film is inspirational and educational to social workers.

Thank you for all the great work you are all doing! You all are an inspiration!


What a great documentary and what a great program. The forward thinking of the troop leaders to cultivate such a program shows how the girl scouts can continue to be a necessary element in helping girls and young women. Let us all try to continue to figure out ways to help women maintain the much needed relationships with their children. This will make a better society for all of us.

Sandra Hubert
Phoenix, Arizona

I think this show is so real, honest and a must for all people to see. We all need to know how hard it is for women coming out of prison. It is even more difficult for a mother. Pressure is insurmountable sometimes. We all need to help, so moms and women can make the right choices and stay out of prison, for good.! Bravo on this film!


I just want to say that I'm really impressed with the job your doing with those kids. I know the feeling because I have children who's fathers are incarcerated and it can be hard on the child to connect with the parentor vice versa. My heart goes out to the mothers also because there's nothing more worse than being seperated from your child. I hope each mother realizes that their children are precious and that they're missing vital importances in their life.

Tolleson, Az

Being on the same road of destruction myself at onetime, I feel that if u choose to be a parent it is your job to try to be the best mother you can be. Not to say that we as mother's can't make mistakes but to keep on doing the same thing over and over again and to keep getting the same result should tell you something. If you need treatment than get it, if you need job training or education than get that. Close mouths don't get feed...We can make excuses all we want but it is up to you the road you travel. Hopefully society can see that not only do the children suffer but the parents and the women who is the cause of there situation. I at one time had 8yrs clean and decided to journey back into the life for what reason i'm not sure stress, doing what everyone else was doing at that time because I don't want to make excuses for myself but it is what it is. After about a 4yr hell I pulled myself together and I have been clean now for almost 2yrs. I know that as a mother I had to do not just for my kids but for myself and life is so rewarding to me now. No feelings of guilt,shame and regret that I had allowed myself to get back on that lonely ride. Thank all of the women who shared their time of sadness, and joy to hopefully help someone who hasn't gotten to that point yet.

Angela Richards
Avondale Arizona

I was very touched by the presentation about TROOP 1500 I have never heard of such a program. I think that it is wonderful what you guys are doing for these girls. I am presently working as a subsitute teacher here in avondale. I had a 2nd grade student once that was very upset because I would not allow him to hit another student. I knew his father was incarerated. I ask him if he wanted me to go talk to his dad. He stop crying and ask me would I go to the prision. I told him if i really had to to get him to act better in school. He was so happy knowing that i was willing to go talk to his dad. i did not understand the impact on these young children until i watched this program. I would love to work with these children . do you have any suggestion on how i could help?

chicago, illinois

I felt for the girls in troop 1500.When I think of my nieces I can't help but compare. The girls are unbelievably stong to have to not only deal with day to day peer pressure and the ordeals of being a child, but to do so without "mom". My nieces, their main concern is harir and music. Although I am sure troop 1500 have the same "girl ways", I really commend the social workers and doctor that saw this trying life the girls are going through and not only said " wow that is sad", but really took steps to to make a difference.

Troop 1500 girls are unfortunately not a selcted few. It made me realize that although I knew of there being many women in prison, you don't think of their "daughters".

I watch PBS a lot. This is the first time I have actually went online to write. It really got me thinking. I thank you for it. You didn't show it like a pity party or ignore the acts that lead the mothers to be in jail. You shot it from the hip and it shot to my heart. I woul like to be updated on the outcome of the mothers and daughters. I for one am praying for them all. I would also like to know if there is something like this near Illinois, Chicago so that I could contact the organization and see if there is something I could do. Being a business owner, depending on their skills they've acquired, maybe I could give some moms a chance of a job. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Keep up the great work independent lens.

Michea Carter
Houston, TX

I am speechless by the bravery and courage of both the members of TROOP 1500 and their mothers. I sat in awe, continuously crying while watching this life-changing documentary. As a Texas middle-school teacher, I have far too many students who have mothers behind bars like TROOP 1500. Where is their TROOP 1500? What can be done for my students and the unspeakable anger they carry? ... I will begin by incorporating this documentary (or segments) into my lessons. I can't thank you enough for making this film. You have created a documentary that shows these mothers and daughters as they truly are - THEMSELVES and not the negative stereotypes society would have you believe they are. THANKS!!!



conroe tx

i was very touched by this film. i would love to know what has come of the mothers and the girls. my heart goes out to all of them. i think that this troop is awesome!!!

villa park illinois

Wow, I was a girl scout leader for 8 years with my daughter and our troop. I commend this leader, Julia and her dedication to her girls. Being a dedicated girl scout leader is hard enough, but I am so proud to see her committment to these girls and the inmate program. Troop 1500 is a story that needed to be told. Julia is certainly changing lives! and it is through a great vehicle like Girl Scouts - a perfect fit to help girls be independent caring citizens. I hope this film inspires other women to think about being a leader. Every girl needs a mentor like Julia and the G.S. values to help them live a responsible life- and perhaps they will have life long friends too;)

Dallas Texas

I was very touched by the film. As a mother and leader of my daughter's girl scout troop I was making comparisons throughout and am amazed by the challenges those girls face daily. I hope their strength and courage remain with them.

I also congratulate the mothers on making the choice to participate in a program that gives so much to their daughters. Hopefully it is a step in the path of a better life for them all.

Go Troop 1500!

Sarah Swymeler

I just wanted to give praise to the social worker of Troop 1500. Keep up the outstanding work!

Bettye Zoller
Dallas TX

Masterful and wonderful film and I want to be part of a troop like Troop 1500. Let us hear more about the people we saw in your film and how they are doing now. A sequel would be wonderful.

Greenville, SC

In a country where many prisons are simply businesses, with no goals for long-term rehabilitation, it is important for the general public to be aware of how that impacts all of us. These girls don't just live in Texas. They are members of our communities. As they grow up, they are members of our communities. When they are grown, and have children of their own, they will still be members of our communities. Why not make an investment that is guaranteed to benefit everyone in the community? However, the answer is not necessarily in mandated, after-the-fact visitation programs in prisons, but in the recognition that most prisoners started out with problems a long time before their crimes were commited. We need to be concerned about all vulnerable children in general. Thank you, Ms. Cuba, Dr. Grant, and all Girl Scout Volunteers for doing your part to help. We all need to follow your example, and take a share of the responsibility.

Lea Smith
Louisville, Kentucky

being a daughter of a mother who spent alot of time in jail and in prison i could relate to the girls Kenyas oldest daughter reminded me so much of myself and the way i felt towards my mother when she was in prison i cried through the whole show iam so thankful to all who had a part in this film i just wish i could of had a program like troop 1500 when i was growing up thank you so much for helping the many little girls like me and their moms also


This show shook me to the core! Made me want to grab my child up in my arms and never let her go. I just cried and hurt for these wonderful children! I am a Girl Scout leader as well, I felt their leaders pain and I give her hats off for what she is doing!!!

Dover, NJ

Your film was very emotionally informative. Although I don't know of any children or mothers in that position this film spoke to me and moved me to tears. What a wonderful group of people you all are, these children will remember the kindness that was extended to them forever.

Are there programs like these all across the country?

You have my deepest respect.

Douglas Robertson
Columbia, Missouri

I just watched the documentary...very compelling.


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