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John Trudell, a Native American man with chin-length brown hair, holds a small rectangular sign between hands that says “Beware of Dog.” A cigarette burns between the fingers of his left hand, he looks down toward the camera, smiling slightly, revealing a dimple on his right cheek.

John Trudell Discography

Tribal Voice (1983)
AKA Graffiti Man (1986)
But This Isn’t El Salvador (1987)
Heart Jump Bouquet (1987)
Fables and Other Realities (1991)
Child’s Voice:
Children of the Earth
AKA Graffiti Man, Re-release (1992)
Johnny Damas & Me (1994)
Blue Indians (1999)
Descendant Now Ancestor (2001)
Bone Days (2001)

“He’s a dangerous poet, a visionary, a champion of indigenous people’s struggle, a man who’s come to give the fear of god in celebration of indigenous vibrations. 

Are you ready for a blues-rock poetry experience?  Are you ready for the one and the only American original? … Mr. John Trudell!”
—Reggae on the River intro, 2003

Watch and listen to clips from the film, featuring recording artist, poet and champion of indigenous issues John Trudell.

listen and watch video Last Rush in Babylon
listen and watch video To God
listen and watch video Undercurrent
listen and watch video The Rains of Purification

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