I Am Another You – A Kind of Freedom, with Strangers – Clip

  • clip (0:03:02) | IN Heartwarming
    Premiere: 1/29/2018

In this excerpt from the Independent Lens film I Am Another You, filmmaker Nanfu Wang and Dylan, a homeless drifter she’s only recently met, ride with a new friend who generously takes them into his home and out to dinner. (The filmmaker says, “I told myself one day I’d come back and thank him but I don’t even remember where he lived.”) At dinner, Nanfu chats with a woman from her native China about the film she is making, and reveals her family back home doesn’t know she’s living on the streets with a stranger. “But this was a kind of freedom I had never encountered before,” Nanfu remarks in wonder at the anti-establishment life Dylan has created for himself.

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