Sentencing Children Part 3: The Bill

  • Short Film (0:05:36) | IN Dramatic
    Premiere: 8/12/2017

Under Tennessee law, a child can be tried in adult court, and if convicted of first-degree murder, can be sentenced to life in prison, or life with a possibility of parole after 51 years. State legislators think that law is too harsh and in 2016 a bipartisan team including Sen. Doug Overbey (R) worked with lawyers and a judge to propose a new reform law. While acknowledging that you can never use the criminal justice system to make every victim of a crime feel they’ve been vindicated, these lawmakers all felt the bill would be a step in the right direction in making the state a leader in criminal and juvenile justice reform. Part of a 7-part series “Sentencing Children,” produced by Dan Birman and Independent Lens

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This series is part of Independent Lens’s commitment to fostering collaboration between filmmakers and journalists. “Sentencing Children” was originally published by The Tennessean newspaper.

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