Sentencing Children Part 7: From Teenage Inmate to Teen Mentor

  • Short Film (0:06:00) | IN Inspirational
    Premiere: 8/7/2017

At 17, Eric Alexander received two 25-year sentences for first-degree murder and aggravated robbery. Eric’s father was an alcoholic and as a child Eric saw him perpetrate a lot of violence on his mother, which eventually led Eric to join a gang as a place to feel accepted. He was released after serving 10 years, and today serves as a mentor for teenagers, after studying developmental psychology. In this short by Me Facing Life director Dan Birman, Eric talks about the hope that a proposed new juvenile justice reform law could give to those who were incarcerated as youths. 

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This series is part of Independent Lens‘s commitment to fostering collaboration between filmmakers and journalists. “Sentencing Children” was originally published by The Tennessean newspaper.

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