The Kansas Experiment: Part II

  • Short Film (0:05:47) | IN Dramatic
    Premiere: 4/27/2018

The “Kansas experiment” refers to how Kansas Governor Sam Brownback referred to the drastic tax cuts (the largest in the state’s history) he signed into law in 2012 after his state was emerging from a recession. In the second part of a three-part documentary series on the fallout from this tax plan five years later, we learn about how the “experiment” affected health care from the perspective of employees at Topeka’s municipal zoo and Stormont Hospital.

As one child care worker puts it, the fear became “what’s on the chopping block next? What are they gonna come after next?” He has a personal connection to the budget debate, with state health care supplementing his work’s private health care the only thing that kept his family from bankruptcy.

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