The Kansas Experiment: Part III

  • Short Film (0:06:06) | IN Dramatic
    Premiere: 4/28/2018

The “Kansas experiment” refers to how Kansas Governor Sam Brownback referred to the drastic tax cuts (the largest in the state’s history) he signed into law in 2012 after his state was emerging from a recession. In the final part of a three-part documentary series on the fallout from this tax plan five years later, we learn more about how the “experiment”  affected local businesses, with decidedly mixed results.

Over 330,000 businesses took advantage of the tax cuts, saving hundreds of millions of dollars. But not everyone saw those benefits. From an engineering firm to a dairy farm, small business owners are skeptical of the idea of economic growth spurned by massive cuts. And after 5 years of the tax experiment, Kansas legislature voted overwhelmingly to restore the tax rates, even while elements of the Kansas experiment found their way into the national tax bill signed into law by President Trump.   

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