What a Six Course, Gourmet Native American Meal Looks Like | alter-NATIVE: Kitchen Ep. 6

  • Short Film (0:08:08)
    Premiere: 11/19/2019 | Available until 11/19/2024

“What a Six-Course, Gourmet Native American Meal Looks Like.” All three Indigenous chefs featured in alter-NATIVE: Kitchen come together to prepare a multi-course meal of Native cuisine for a select group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Los Angeles. From Brian’s agave-roasted rabbit tacos to Kalā’s (cooking solo for a change) imu-cooked kalua pork to Hillel’s painted like a Pawnee horse black bean salad (made from newly restored heirloom beans grown with love and resistance). And just wait til you get to these talented chefs’ dessert trio.

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