What Is “Pre-Colonial” Cooking? | alter-NATIVE: Kitchen Ep. 5

  • Short Film (0:05:09) | IN Inspirational
    Premiere: 11/19/2019 | Available until 11/19/2024

“What Is ‘Pre-Colonial’ Cooking?” Seattle-based chef Hillel Echo-Hawk focuses on traditional Pawnee foods, before Columbus and colonization, which means no dairy, no chicken, no processed sugar, all foods that led to an increase in obesity among Native people. Her catering company, which emphasizes hiring an all-Native staff, is preparing for its largest gig ever, a Seattle arts event for 100+ people, serving Native cuisine like Pawnee blue corn mush with Ojibwe maple syrup, honey Lakota popcorn, cedar-cooked tepary beans with pine roasted butternut squash, and sweet potatoes with pecans. After a late night of work, zero sleep, and seemingly everything going wrong, will Hillel and her team be able to pull the event off?

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