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Created by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM), the A WEDDING IN RAMALLAH study guide — for “Upper Secondary level” students and community groups —addresses the themes of war, gender and marriage and immigration.

Muslim Marriage

Our Dialogue: Islam in Perspective
A discussion of Islamic perspectives on marriage, women and family from “Our Dialogue,” a religious column appearing in Arab News, from Saudi Arabia.

Muslim Women, Marriage & Family Life
Articles and resources for and about Muslim women include topics such as marriage, history, status, humor and poetry.

A Palestinian Wedding
Description of a traditional Palestinian country wedding rituals as portrayed through an embroidery piece created in Ramallah.

“Palestinian Weddings -- American vs. Traditional”
Article by Aida Hasan “an American-born Palestinian,” identifies the differences and similarities between Palestinian-American weddings in America and weddings in the West Bank.

Arab American Immigration

An interactive Web site examining Islam’s worldwide resurgence of Islam through the stories of diverse Muslims struggling to define the role of Islam in their lives and societies. Includes special sections on Islam and the West and Women and Islam.

Caught in the Crossfire
Learn about three New York Arab Americans after September 11th, now caught in the crossfire of the war on terrorism with this documentary that explores the space between belief and dissent, empathy and anger, between their new lives in America and the powerful ties that bind them to their homelands.

Now with Bill Moyers: Muslims in America
A number of Arab and Islamic scholars and public figures have been attempting to clarify what it means to be Muslim and American. Listen to what they had to say on NPR's Talk Of The Nation on November, 15, 2001.

“Muslim Integration in the United States and Canada”
“Much of the public discourse on Islam is marred by the lack of accurate data about the faith and its community.” Read an article about the obstacles to integration that Muslims in America and Canada must overcome written by Mohamed Nimer, Ph.D. author and research director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“A Muslim Cleric on the American Frontier”
Written by Imam Sayed Hassan Al Qazwini, a Muslim cleric reflecting on the new challenges facing Islam in the 21st century.

Debate: Islam and Democracy
The Status of Women

In the West, the image of the veiled Muslim woman has come to symbolize Islam’s oppression of women. Do women hold an inferior position in Muslim society? Read a brief debate between two scholars of Arab descent.

Arab Culture and Civilization – Arab Americans
This comprehensive Web site includes a large section on the Arab American experience using film clips, studies, articles and literature to cover topics such as family and society, language, demographics and ethnicity and identity.

Arabs in America: The Arab Immigrant Experience
Six chapters of essays from the book Arabs in America: Building a New Future edited by Michael W. Suleiman, include: “The Early Arab Community in America,” “The Process of Americanization” and “The Arab-American Community in the 1990s”.

U.S. State Dept. - Islam and the United States
Site is produced by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs includes photo galleries of mosques in the U.S., articles, links, bibliographies and more.

“Arab Immigrants to America Are Part of Ellis Island History”
The first wave of Arab immigration to the United States ended in 1924 with the passage of the National Origins Act, which set strict quotas on non-European immigration to the United States. Learn about the exhibit at the Ellis Island Museum.



Augustin, Abba, ed. Palestinian Women: Identity and Experience. London: Zed Books, 1993.

“Shattering Illusions: Western Conceptions of Muslim Women”
Essay by Stanford graduate, Saimah Ashraf, reflects on the western stereotyping of Muslim women.

Gorkin, Michael and Rafiqa Othman. Three Mothers, Three Daughters: Palestinian Women’s Stories. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996.

Haj, Samira. “Palestinian Women and Patriarchal Relations.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 14, 4 (Summer 1992): 761-778.

Suleiman, Michael W, ed. Arabs in America: Building a New Future. Temple University Press. 1999.


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