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Victor Fleming, a district court judge in Little Rock, Arkansas, made this crossword specifically for the PBS premiere of WORDPLAY on Independent Lens. Watch for Fleming in the film, playing guitar and singing a song he wrote for American Crossword Idol, a talent show at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. The song is repeated at the conclusion of the end credits, performed by Producer Christine O’Malley’s brother, Sean.

Constructing crosswords as a hobby, Judge Fleming has seen his puzzles in The New York Times, Games Magazine, Simon & Schuster Puzzle Books and many other venues.

WORDPLAY Director Patrick Creadon credits Fleming with facilitating his securing an interview with former President Bill Clinton for the film. Fleming and Clinton are friends of long-standing.

An empty crossword puzzle grid

1. Riotous crowd
4. Neg. opposite
7. Frisk, with "down"
10. Jar cover
13. Silent ___ (time before the talkies)
14. "That's gross!"
15. ___ Lingus (Irish carrier)
16. "We all scream for ___ cream"
17. Mark, as a ballot square
18. Before
20. More, in Madrid
21. 39-Across "film festival in your living room"
24. Culp's "I Spy" co-star
25. 39-Across science series
26. "At ___, soldier!"
27. Hail ___
28. Paddock parent
29. Matzo meal
30. 39-Across newsmagazine
31. Sticks in a pool hall
32. See 35-Across
33. With 34-Across, 21-Across 2007-08 season opener
34. See 33-Across
35. With 32-Across, 39-Across children's series
38. Steel-mill residue
39. Non-profit service corporation since 1969
42. Children's song refrain
43. Ticket portion
44. Just right
45. Mtn. stats
46. 39-Across former children's series
47. Mural opening?
48. Category in which two 21-Across films have been Oscar nominees (and one an Emmy winner)
51. Pasture
52. Newspaper report
53. Ghost's greeting
54. Prefix with sex or corn
55. Football's Parseghian
56. Play about Capote
57. Singer Rawls
58. Night-sch. course
59. '70s Cambodian leader
60. Barfly
61. CPR pro

1. ___ jumping bean
2. "___ Flow" (Enya song)
3. Wheel-driven cutter
4. ___ love (teen's infatuation)
5. Beastly sort
6. Climbed awkwardly
7. Prepared without meat or milk
8. Prudential rival
9. Easy pace
10. Citrus drink
11. "You don't need to describe that to me!"
12. Trifle, perhaps
19. Nose stimuli
22. "___ Tide"
23. Suspicious
28. "The lamb was ___ to go"
29. Guys-only party
31. ìItís Impossibleî singer Perry
32. Bacon quantity
33. What a belt surrounds
34. Drops abruptly
35. Oceanic color
36. Actress Brennan and soprano Farrell
37. Leave in a boat
38. Heavily built
39. Suitable for drinking
40. Saloon
41. Not enter
43. Gregarious
44. Explosive letters
46. Hero with a trademark "Z"
47. Data to be entered
49. Allan ___ ("Sands of Iwo Jima" director)
50. Coin in Helsinki

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