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Each of Sesame Workshop’s international co-productions strives to be culturally relevant to its location. Producers, writers, directors and child development professionals team up to ensure that Sesame programming meets the specific needs of the countries where it is broadcast.

In Bangladesh, Sesame Workshop worked with local producers, artists and experts to create Sisimpur, an all-inclusive neighborhood that was neither rural nor urban, rich nor poor; a place where Hindus, Muslims and Christians could live together in harmony regardless of education or gender. In creating Ikri’s World, the team found a way for traditional puppets to exist side-by-side with Western-styled Muppets, and community gathering places such as the banyan tree, tea and sweet shops established cultural icons, making the television program Sisimpur truly Bangladeshi.

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Despite flooding and political obstacles, two production teams worked around the clock to make the elaborate and detailed world of Sisimpur.

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