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Anne-Marie Russell

Anne-Marie Russell (Director/Producer) combines a background in ethnographic film theory with a decade of experience in the art world as a scholar, curator and educator. She uses film and video to explore and communicate the ways in which cultural practices and objects circulate in the world. She is the Executive Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson, Arizona and adjunct faculty member at the Univeristy of Arizona.

Paige West
Executive Producer

Paige West (Executive Producer) combines a background in finance with a life-long love of contemporary art and documentary films. She is determined to revolutionize the way we see and learn about contemporary art. She started Mixed Greens in order to encourage others to support visual artists and documentary filmmakers. Paige's first documentary production was Art & Racing: The Life and work of Salvatore Scarpitta, directed by Aaron Woolf. Since founding Mixed Greens in 1999, she has continued to produce the work of many talented directors on a variety of topics. These titles include Sarah Price’s Caesar’s Park, George Ratliff’s Hell House, Hannah Weyer’s Escuela, Macky Alston’s Questioning Faith, Bryan Gunnar Cole’s Boomtown.

Aaron Woolf
Director of Photography

Aaron Woolf (Director of Photography) directed the Mixed Greens production Art & Racing, which aired on the Sundance Channel in 2000 and the PBS documentary Greener Grass: Cuba, Baseball, and the United States (an ITVS and WNET co-presentation) that explores baseball as a conduit for Cuban-American relations, and examines the long history both nations have with the game. Greener Grass was awarded a Rockie Award at the 2001 Banff International Television Festival. Aaron most recently co-directed Dying to Leave, a two-hour special that explores the worldwide boom in illicit migration for the Wide Angle series on PBS.

Iris Cahn

Iris Cahn (Editor) has edited Emmy Award-winning television, independent films and feature documentaries, and chairs the film program at Purchase College/SUNY. Among the many projects she has edited are Godfrey Reggio's Powaqqatsi (music by Philip Glass); Emmy Award-winning You Can't Grow Home Again, a feature-length special about the rainforest that aired on PBS; and the Emmy Award-winning, What Could You Do With a Nickel?, a documentary about New York City's first domestic worker's union.

Selina Lewis Davidson

Selina Lewis Davidson (Co-Producer) has been Director of Documentary Programming at Mixed Greens for four years, where she produced films including Macky Alston's Questioning Faith, George Ratliff's Hell House, Hannah Weyer's La Escuela, Bryan Gunnar Cole's Boomtown, and Sarah Price's Caesar's Park. Prior to Mixed Greens, Selina produced documentary film and television in for more than ten years. Her producer credits include the documentary Family Name, by Macky Alston, which won the 1998 Freedom of Expression Award at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Emmy after airing on P.O.V. Selina also produced several projects with the production company World of Wonder including LA Stories: From the Eye of the Storm, a feature-length documentary commissioned by the BBC that aired in 1994, following the Los Angeles riots.

Nancy Roth

Nancy Roth (Co-Producer) joined Mixed Greens Documentaries in 2000 and co-produced WORST POSSIBLE ILLUSION: The Curiosity Cabinet of Vik Muniz. Nancy also produced more than 25 documentary shorts for the Mixed Greens Web site and was the Supervising Producer on three documentaries, Slumming It: Myth & Culture on the Bowery, 156 Rivington, for the Sundance Channel and The Federation of Black Cowboys. Prior to joining Mixed Greens, Nancy Co-Produced Greener Grass: Cuba, Baseball and the United States, which was produced in association with ITVS and Thirteen/WNET, and received the Banff Rockie Award in 2001. Prior to this she worked in feature film and commercial production for over ten years.

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