Native Humor Lesson Plan

Written by Nicole Bihr Menard (Lakota) Lincoln (NE) Public Schools

For easier printing, download the PDF version of this lesson plan.


This lesson will examine the 'Native jokes' section in A Seat at the Drum.  Humor is a very important aspect of all cultures, and can appropriately be incorporated into funny plays, movies, television shows, commercials, museums or joke books. This lesson will look at the historical relevance and modern place 'Native humor' has in the daily lives of Native people.  Students will create their own satirical 'museums' or joke books.

Grade Level 9 - 12


Students will be able to:

  • Recognize how Native humor has been a survival technique and has historical relevance in the daily lives of modern Native people
  • Compare Native humor with all cultural humor/satire
  • Create a joke book or a satirical museum of the student's cultural relevance



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