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We meet Sugar the day she’s released from prison and follow as she attempts to reengage with her family, find a stable place to stay, and reconnect to her young estranged daughter. Despite a lack of support and the unwelcome influence of her old criminal cohorts she attempts to reconcile her new identity with her past.

The temptations and problems seem to lurk around every corner, interactions with those from the bad old days are a test of her will -- trying to pull her back into the street life she once knew. Faced with very few options – we see how the choices Sugar makes will determine the course of her future.

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Sugar | Chapter 1

Aired: 2016-03-23 04:00:00 10:41 Rating: NR

After 10 years behind bars Sugar is released from prison, and attempts to reconnect.

SUGAR is a 5-chapter scripted digital series helmed by veteran indie filmmakers Rose Troche (Go Fish, The Safety of Objects, The L Word) and Amy Lo (Planet B-Boy), and also featuring the work of writer/directors Alia Shawkat, Guinevere Turner, Keola Racela, and Jonathan Caouette. The story centers around Sugar, a female ex-con, who is released from prison and attempts to find a stable place to stay, connect to her young estranged daughter, and avoid the unwelcome influence of her old criminal cohorts.

The series is created using an "Exquisite Corpse" model: each episode has a different writer/director charged with complicating Sugar's situation based on their own personal interpretation of her circumstances. What results is a cohesive story that presents a commentary on issues of recidivism facing many low-income communities today.

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