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For more than 500 years Cinfa Cacavi remained one of the thousands of nameless, faceless victims of the Inquisition. She was a real person, a housewife and mother who lived in Zaragossa. Her inquisition file begins in 1482, when Cinfa Cacavi was first interrogated by the inquisitors on allegations of "judaizing" - continuing to observe customs and rituals of her Jewish ancestors. Following is an excerpt from the Inquisition dossier on Cinfa Cacavi:

Listen to the words of Cinfa

"The wedding was scheduled for the spring. Three days before my wedding I took my bride's bath. I purified myself at the Mikve.

That day, we all met in my father's house, all my family and my sweetheart's family. They brought many presents. They filled my house with flowers and brought delicious meats for the meal of that day. All this was the prelude to the happiness, harmony and peace that were awaiting us in our life together.

The day I got married was the happiest of my life. I was very pretty. I was dressed in beautiful clothes. I was radiant with happiness."

The image on the right is a photograph taken of the original Inquisitors notebook detailing the trial of Cinfa Cacavi


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