PBS Insider Experience

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PBS Insider Experience

2016 PBS Annual Meeting May 16–18, 2016

Welcome PBS Insiders!

The PBS Annual Meeting is the premier gathering of the public television community.  This meeting provides an opportunity to acquire information about the work and impact of public television in our local communities.  We hope by exploring this site, you will feel well prepared for this exclusive PBS Insider Experience.

Special Guest Presenters

  • Paula Kerger

    Paula Kerger

    President and CEO of PBS

  • Lesli Rotenberg

    Lesli Rotenberg

    Senior Vice President and General Manager, Children's Media and Education

  • Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

    Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

    Executive Producer, Writer, Presenter

  • Norman Lear

    Norman Lear

    Legendary Producer and Director

  • Raney Aronson

    Raney Aronson

    Executive Producer of Frontline

Stories of Impact

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  • Jason's Story

  • Christian's Story

  • Yuyi's Story

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