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The Fred Friendly Seminars has been a renowned presence on PBS for over twenty years, receiving awards and critical acclaim for more than one hundred television programs in this unique format. In 2005, Fred Friendly Seminars announced that its future television series would be promoted under the name In the Balance.

The following are programs that have companion Web sites on PBS. For a complete list of television programs, please see

PBS Companion Web Sites

Our Genes / Our Choices
Broadcast Premiere: January 2003

Who Cares: Chronic Illness in America
Broadcast Premiere: November 2001

Disconnected: Politics, the Press and the Public
Broadcast Premiere: June 2000

Broadcast Premiere: June 1999

Beyond Black and White: Affirmative Action in America
Broadcast Premiere: March 1999


Failure to Protect: A National Dialogue (coproduced with FRONTLINE)
Broadcast Premiere: January 2003