DISCONNECTED: Politics, the Press and the Public
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The Fred Friendly Seminars are based on the Socratic Method. Local discussion groups can use the same method to explore the lessons of DISCONNECTED: Politics, the Press and the Public. The Socratic Method is attributed to the Greek philosopher Socrates (ca. 470-399 BC), who is known today as the "Father of Ethics." Socrates transformed philosophy from the study of the external universe to the study of human beings and their relationships. He sought to establish ethical truth through absolute standards of conduct and a system that was valid for everyone regardless of individual religious or civic views.

Socrates' method of challenging the claims of those who participated in his dialogues was to search for truth by discussion. He was able to expose ignorance by claiming his own ignorance ("Socratic irony") at times to elicit honest answers. Using inductive reasoning, Socrates centered the discussion on the individual he was questioning and on that individual's beliefs.

The Discussion Guide tells you more about how to start your own discussion group using the Socratic Method.

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