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Comments And Usage Ideas From Educators
    "I found your 'College: A Crash Course' show very informative and perfect for teenagers who are college bound and may be overwhelmed by the entire application process. The show thoroughly covered all the requirements for college applications and diffused some misconceptions about the interview and SAT scores – all within a context that is clear but not condescending to teenagers."

    "I am writing to express to you my absolute delight and enthusiasm in your teen-oriented show. I am currently using In the Mix in my health classes, and my students love it! My students like that it features real teens and real experiences. In particular, my class and I enjoy the fact that you frequently show minority youth. Your show is the only one I can think of on television that regularly shows Asian and Latino adolescents."

    "In the Mix managed both to grab kids' attention and to engage them at a deeper than usual level of interest and investigation. All of us see great potential for In the Mix-type shows as classroom tools that will get at exactly the kinds of issues - and levels of student involvement - we all hope for."

    "Since your program aired last week, I'm writing to tell you that it was an outstanding success with our students! It was received most enthusiastically! We plan to build In the Mix into our weekly lesson plans not only are the topics of great interest, but we've been able to stimulate the writing process."

    "I love your In the Mix series! In fact, I just used 'Media Literacy:TV - What You Don't See' last night at a Youth Night with about 75 teenagers. It always gets a great response."

    "I work for Family Services as an educational coordinator. I feel that many of your In the Mix programs would be very helpful to the adolescents in our various treatment centers. Thank you for all the wonderful, positive educational materials which you provide…"

    "I am a social worker employed by a residential facility treating 'juvenile delinquent' boys. I would be most interested in obtaining your materials on dating violence. I am attempting to create a program that can be implemented by our counseling/child care staff that related directly to addressing issues relating to our boys' symptoms of future perpetrators of domestic violence."

    "I work with youth in our church, and the Unitarian Universalist Association recommended the series to us as leaders in our congregations."

    "I am currently writing a curriculum for a 5th grade immigration unit to be taught as part of our multicultural program. I am writing for permission to use the 'Teen Immigrants: Five Stories' transcript and the related teacher discussion guide. This is a countywide endeavor, so I am requesting permission to copy the transcript for Grade 5 students in 17 elementary schools. I would also like permission for the students and teachers to have the option of reading and/or acting out the dialogue as a play."

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