1. The number of high school students out of 10 who experience some form of relationship violence.

3. Over 85% of all sexual assaults are committed by acquaintances or ________ .

6. When one is so possessive that he/she no longer considers his/her partner a person, but treats them as _________ instead.

7. This physical abuse is a crime.

8. The abuser often exhibits this type of behavior over the abused.

10. Statistically, one woman is sexually assaulted every _______.


2. Threats, putdowns, and someone trying to control what you do are examples of ________ abuse.

4. A common form of abuse where the abuser tries to keep the abused from family and friends.

5. The type of abuse where one partner forces the other into sexual activity. (2 words)

8. Abused people often believe that in time, the abuser will ______.

9. Abusive behavior that causes harm with words.

10. Over 95% of assaults are committed by _______.