Haley was sixteen and had been dealing with depression since she was 12 years old. She never felt 'quite right' in middle school, feeling like she didn't fit in. She started using alcohol on a regular basis, and then marijuana.

Most of her old friends didn't do this, so she started hanging around with a different group of teenagers. She put herself at risk by having unprotected sex with friends in the group. Since school didn't seem important anymore, she started skipping classes.

She was sinking lower and lower, and thinking that it was not going to get any better. She told her mom that she accidentally threw away her prescription anti-depressant drugs, and needed a new bottle. Her mom got the bottle refilled.

She told her friends that "life wasn't worth living," and said she was going to run away the next weekend. Thinking she wasn't going to be home, her friends didn't call on Friday or Saturday. Her parents found her dead from an pill overdose, Saturday night in the park, after a long search.