Ryan was an 17-year-old who seemed to "have it all." He was popular at school, had lots of friends, and his grades were always straight "A". He was a member of the soccer and golf teamS, and president of a school club. He strived to be the very best that he could, since his father had died and he wanted to be a good example for his younger siblings.

He filled out many college applications, but because of a poor SAT score, just couldn't seem to get admitted to the top colleges. His family thought that he should study harder and retake the test. Ryan started to feel very anxious, sad, and desperate. He told his brother and sisters that "it just wasn't worth it anymore" and went for a drive. His pickup was found, totalled. He had been thrown 50 feet and died instantly of a broken neck.

The officer brought up the fact that it didn't look like an accidental death. His mother denied that it was a suicide, insisting that her son had everything to live for, and probably just fell asleep.