1. Many secret documents held by cigarette companies have been uncovered which reveal marketing strategies that definitely target young people.

  2. 1-3 young people will die early from smoking.

  3. 3,000 teens start smoking every day and eventually become regular smokers.

  4. Advertisers tie products young people like to cigarette advertising (hats, t-shirts, music with cigarette logos).

  5. Advertising logos on clothing worn by teens is more effective than print ads.

  6. Some immediate effects of smoking: shortness of breath, coughing phlegm and blood, lungs burning by the chemicals in cigarettes.

  7. Tar is the cancer-forming element in cigarettes.

  8. Marijuana is just as harmful to the lungs as cigarettes.

  9. Cigarettes increase your heart rate.

  10. Cigarettes contain acetic acid-- as do hair dyes.

  11. Cigarette companies spend $5 billion per year on advertising ($13,000,000 a day).

  12. One doctor reported that of all the lung cancer surgeries he performed, all started smoking in their teens.

  13. Smokers' hands and feet often get cold because of blood vessel damage.

  14. Advertisers target kids by advertising at places where teens spend most of their time, such as concerts, convenient stores, etc.

  15. Teens are going through identity crises and at a very vulnerable age, so can be easily reeled in by cigarette companies.

  16. Advertising themes are designed to target the ideals teens strive for, such as love, coolness, happiness, friends, good times, adventure.

  17. Spit tobacco advertisers target the outdoor activities such as rodeos.

  18. Free CD's that appeal to teens are often offered only with cigarette purchases

  19. Cigarettes contain arsenic-- as does rat poison.

  20. The 3 products kids smoke the most are the 3 most heavily advertised.

  21. Young people must be targets because cigarette companies are losing older customers to death and disease.

  22. Addiction to cigarettes dictates and limits your life (you won't go certain places because you can't smoke there, etc.).

  23. Some people skip meals because they only have enough money for cigarettes.

  24. Cigarettes contain acetone-- as does nail polish.

  25. 98% of models currently smoke or have smoked in the past.

  26. Smoking causes yellow teeth and nails, dull hair, and wrinkled skin.

  27. Good news: 2 of 3 high school seniors don't smoke.

  28. A one-pack-a-day smoker spends $80 a month and $1,000 a year on cigarettes.

  29. Quitting is most effective if you set a quit date.

  30. To quit, follow the 4 D's: distract, delay, drink water, deep breath.

  31. The longer you wait to quit, the harder it is.

  32. For help, you can call the Centers for Disease Control at 1-800-CDC-1311.