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The five words that best describe me:
Sarcastic, intelligent, honest, critical, and fiesty.

I'm Roksana, and I'm featured on the "Dealing with Differences" episode of the NEW NORMAL. I'm a peer educator from New York City, and I started a workshop to teach other people my age about what it means to be Muslim.

Age 16

Sign Virgo

Ethnicity and Nationality I was born in Bangladesh. I'm Bengali.

Religious Affiliation I guess you could say that I'm religious. I am a Muslim.

My Family It's just my mom, dad, sis, and me. My relationship with my family is okay. We don't really do anything together because we are all so busy and have such different daily schedules that we hardly even see each other.

I'm not sure, but I'm considering a career dealing with international relations.

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