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The resources below consist of materials and articles that can support your students' exploration of themes addressed by the NEW NORMAL.

The New Normal Discussion Guide

THE NEW NORMAL Discussion Guide
E-mail Pen-Pal Exchanges
Episode Themes
Living with Change
Media Literacy
Tolerance and Understanding

Developed by the IN THE MIX production team, the NEW NORMAL Discussion Guide includes profiles of teens featured in the program, activities that promote research and reflection, and suggestions for helping students develop media literacy, coping, and decision-making skills.

Download the NEW NORMAL Discussion Guide in .pdf format. (788k) This file requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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E-mail Pen-pal Exchanges

All About Education
All About Education is a free service that helps educators get in touch with each other for the purpose of establishing e-mail discussions between classrooms. Students can use the site to locate other young people interested in finding "e-pals."

ePals Classroom Exchange
This Web site offers free tools and services that facilitate communication between classrooms across the country and abroad.

International E-mail Classroom Connections (IECC)
IECC is a free service that helps teachers locate other teachers around the world who are interested in establishing classroom e-mail exchanges.

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Episode Themes

Living with Change

American School Counselor Association
The ASCA is a worldwide nonprofit organization that supports school counselors' efforts to help students focus on academic, personal/social, and career development so they not only achieve success in school but are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.

Helping Children Cope with Loss
The National Mental Health Association has compiled several resources to help adults understand how young people and adolescents cope with death and grieving.

Helping Children Understand the Terrorist Attacks
The U.S. Department of Education Web site features information and resources to help children understand and cope with the terrorist attacks of September 11.

IN THE MIX: 9-11: Looking Back...Moving Forward
This episode of IN THE MIX and its companion Web site explore how teens were affected shortly after the events of September 11. As it captures teens' reactions so soon after the events, this episode provides a useful contrast in perspective from those offered in the NEW NORMAL.

IN THE MIX: Dealing with Death
This episode of IN THE MIX and its companion Web site provide practical ideas on talking about issues related to death and tragedy.

It's My Life
It's My Life provides a resource for information, community, and interactivity related to the social, emotional, and physical issues that most affect kids ages 9-12. Kids can use this site to explore topics ranging from handling divorce to getting teased by bullies; from fighting with friends to learning about the dangers of drugs; from depression and grief to dealing with pesky siblings.

NEW YORK VOICES is a series about the city's recovery from September 11, addressing critical issues in the process of rebuilding. The companion Web site includes articles, interviews, and a video gallery.

NOW with Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers anchors this one-hour television newsmagazine that offers diverse perspectives on the events and ideas that shape our world. The companion Web site features weekly episodes and relevant information for you and students to explore.

Reactions and Guidelines for Children Following Trauma/disaster
The American Psychological Association offers lists of possible reactions to trauma in elementary, middle, and high school students, and guidelines for teachers and parents on how to help. Other areas of the site provide resources for finding appropriate professional help.
This site offers advice on a wide array of topics related to the medical, emotional, and developmental issues that teens face.

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Media Literacy

Alliance for a Media Literate America
The AMLA is a national grassroots membership organization that promotes media literacy education. They advocate media literacy education that focuses on critical inquiry, learning, and skill-building, not on media-bashing and blame.

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
FAIR is a national media watch group that offers well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship. They use the First Amendment to advocate for greater diversity in the press and scrutinize media practices that marginalize public interest, minority, and dissenting viewpoints.

Guerilla News Network
Guerrilla News Network is an underground news organization whose mission is to expose people to important global issues through guerrilla programming on the Web and on television.

MEDIA MATTERS examines the story behind the story, addressing critical issues in reporting. Visit the Web site for interactive stories, polls, video clips, educational materials, and resources.

NEWSHOUR On the Media Report: The Vanishing Verb
This series of articles and interviews explores how language is used in TV news reporting.

Understanding the Impact of Media on Children and Teens
This article from the American Academy of Pediatrics Web site examines the media's impact on teens.

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Tolerance and Understanding

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
This area of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Web site contains advice on how educators can offer support to Arab-American and Muslim students, as well as how they can deter others from responding to the events of September 11 with hate.

Anti-Defamation League
The education section of the Anti-Defamation League's Web site contains articles, tips, and classroom activities related to bias awareness.

Arab American Institute
The Arab American Institute site offers information about bias acts in the wake of September 11th, as well as related educational resources.

Conflict Resolution Education Network
The Conflict Resolution Education Network is an organization dedicated to making conflict resolution education an integral part of the school curriculum. The site contains research studies, recommended standards for peer mediators, books and resources, and a history of conflict resolution education.

Facing History and Ourselves
Facing History and Ourselves is an organization that engages students in an examination of racism and prejudice, helping students connect history to their own lives. The site contains information on the organization's publications, online exhibitions and accompanying study guides, and a virtual tour of the Facing History and Ourselves classroom.

FRONTLINE films cover various current events and issues around the world. Explore the site's content for teachers, including background information, resources, and classroom activities.

Global Kids, Inc.
Global Kids works to ensure that young people of diverse backgrounds have the knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to succeed in the workplace and participate in the shaping of public policy and international relations.

Hate Crimes Today: An Age-Old Foe in Modern Dress
This article from the American Psychological Association contains an overview of extreme acts motivated by prejudice and includes an extensive bibliography.

IN THE MIX: Teen Immigrants – 5 American Stories
This episode of IN THE MIX profiles teens who have immigrated from Russia, the Dominican Republic, China, and other countries. They share their experiences and hopes for the future.

Covering more than one thousand years, the PBS film ISLAM: EMPIRE OF FAITH traces the diversity of Islamic culture, art, and civilization. Use the companion Web site to learn more about the faith and innovations of the Islamic people and to download video clips of important sites. The Web site also features an educational resources section with standards-based lesson plans.

This companion Web site of the PBS program THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER features a special subsection entitled "Days of Rage: The Renewed Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." This area offers a wealth of information and analysis related to the conflict.

This film explores what life is like in Jerusalem today through the eyes of seven Israeli and Palestinian children. The site contains lesson plans and related classroom resources.

PBS: America Responds
The PBS Web site features a collection of lesson plans and classroom resources addressing issues raised by the events of September 11th.

Seeds of Peace
This program brings together teens from areas of violence, especially the Middle East, to promote understanding and work toward solutions.
The Web site of, an organization whose mission is to "fight hate and promote tolerance," contains many valuable tools for educators. Visit the "For Teachers" area of the site for strategies on teaching tolerance, links to lesson plans, and more. The site also includes content specifically targeting teachers and children.

The United Nations Children's Fund, more commonly known as UNICEF, provides services, supplies, and shapes policy agendas to protect the rights of children in developing countries. The teachers' section of the site provides articles, opinions, and research about teaching and learning. The "Voices of Youth" section features discussion boards and areas devoted to topics such as "children and war" and "youth and media".

Expand students' understanding of complex global issues with WIDE ANGLE, a weekly series of one-hour documentaries on public affairs. The companion Web site includes an explanation of academic controversy and lesson plans that utilize this teaching method.

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