Remembrance Board

From Tennisgurl18769 on 9/12/01:
I'm sorry to all those people who lost loved ones. I don't know what I would do if it ever happened to me. I have great sympathy for all of you and hope the best for you and your families, and hope that one day you will be happy again. Just remember you can still go on to see the next day, and remember the great times that you and your lost one spent together, and pray for them. And try to remember the good things about them. And how they were always there for you, and never forget them for as long as you live. Go on and live a happy life. You have my prayer.

Photos from Jenny, Los Angeles, 9/15/01:
A homemade poster on the side of an apartment building in Hollywood, CA. A gathering of candles and flags on a street corner in Hollywood, CA.

From Neema on 9/16/01:

Dear Lord,
You are the greater being of us all.
I'm afraid due to what is happening in the world around me, I look around and most of what I see is people mourning and grieving for their loved ones.
I want to ask why Lord, Why do these things happen?
why do people have to die under such terrible circumstances?
Somehow I know what your answer will be.
But it doesn't seem as though I need strength, what is it you mean?
I want to ask you Lord to keep us all well and let us
be able to lend a helping hand where we can.
Help us to unite during times of loss.
I think for us death is a thing dark and scary but I
think in another way it's a way for us to be freed and to join you.
Give us inner peace and help us to deal with this loss constructively.
Lord Bless the whole World and America too in their time of need.
In Jesus Name I pray,

From Josh on 9/16/01:

In the great words of Dave Matthews..."Love...what more is there? 'Cuz we need the light of love in here... don't beat your head, dry your eyes, let the love in...there's bad times, but that's OK, just look for love in it."

From Erin on 9/27/01:

Last night I had a dream
That America had been attacked
It may have started a war
I can't be sure of that.

Last night I had a dream
That our freedom had been challenged,
But what the terrorists didn't know,
Is that Americans are not cowards.

Last night I had a dream
That God had sent America a revival.
It had brought Americans together,
We always come in the face of evil.

Last night I had a dream
That God finally took His country back.
The country He had given us,
Though He knew we'd turn from fact.

Last night I had a dream
That America's youth had come together
They had come behind their flag
With a patriotism never before gathered

Last night I had a dream
That this nation really was
One Nation Under God
God Bless America

This morning I woke up
To find out it wasn't a dream.
God would use this terrorist attack
For the good of everything.

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