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Sherwood High School | What To Do If You're Being Bullied
What Bystanders Can Do | CyberBullying
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What Bystanders Can Do

When it comes to bullying, there's no such thing as "innocent bystanders." So what can you do if you see someone getting harrassed?

  • Think about how you would feel if you were being bullied. How would you want someone to help you?

  • Support someone who is being bullied. Let that person know that it's not his or her fault, and that it upsets you, too.

  • If the victim decides to talk to an adult about what happened, offer to go along with him or her.

  • Stand up to the person doing the bullying. Let him know that what he's doing isn't cool or funny -- it's wrong.

  • Don't become a bully when you are sticking up for someone. Never use the kind of mean words or actions that a bully would use.

  • Don't ever laugh at someone being bullied, and if you see other bystanders laughing or joining in, try to stop them. Positive reactions from bystanders will only encourage the bully to continue what he's doing.

  • Report what you've seen to an adult. This especially applies if you don't feel safe getting involved in the situation. Remember -- you don't have to do this alone.