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The drive to do what you love: Susan designs sportscars.
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Careers: Focus On Your Future

Sneak Preview: This could be your life! In response to viewer requests that we feature more profiles of fun and interesting careers, "Careers: Focus on Your Future" zeroes in on several "hot" jobs to show you that yes, you CAN do what you love and love what you do. In the Mix reporter Tamah hangs out with actor Joe Barbera of TV's "Another World" and Broadway's "Grease." Joe tells the story of his struggle from bouncer to working actor and encourages aspiring thespians out there to go for their dreams. [Facts about the current job scene]

Beyond NYPD Blue: Assistant District Attorney Francine James gives us an inside look at prosecuting sex crimes, championing the underdog, and fighting for justice. She points out that there are limitless opportunities for lawyers in every field, from sports to technology.
[How do YOU feel about the future?]

New York Rangers physical therapist Tim Ramsey talks about fixing broken hockey players, and a radio station Music Director gives tips on how to get a job listening to CD's for a living. Susan, an automotive designer, tells us why cars get her creative engines running, and how her creativity gets car engines running in return. [Get and give advice]

Tamah introduces us to the people working behind-the-scenes at a television soap opera, and a visit to the Philadelphia High School Academies demonstrates how one school system is training students for a variety of job opportunities. [Take our poll on careers] At the New York Job and Career Center, we learn tips on how to wow potential employers in an interview. With the help of In the Mix, you'll be able to focus on your future and NOT panic! [Great resources] [Get help 24/7]

"Careers: Focus on Your Future" is regularly re-broadcast on PBS affiliates across the country. Please check our schedule and station list for airtimes.

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