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Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice students This In the Mix special features the story of a unique workshop that helped a group of teens tackle common communication fears like speaking up in class, reading out loud, or even really listening to someone else. Their guide was an experienced communication coach, the founder of Find Your Voice, Inc., ( who for 20 years has helped students learn to take risks speaking, listening, reading, and writing...with some surprising results.

The diverse group begins a 10-week after-school workshop with all kinds of common communication challenges: Some don't speak English well, most fear talking in front of others, while others have problems staying focused. But the obstacles begin to melt away when the coach creates a safe and trusting environment for them to test new waters.

Performers backstageThey each learn and perform a monologue from a published play, write and revise a short play of their own, act in one another's plays, and finally perform them in a theater for a public audience. After many trials and triumphs, the teens end their journey transformed into much more confident communicators.

Two teens performing Did You Know?

  • Public speaking is the number one fear, cited above the fear of the dark, heights, spiders, and even death!
  • Even famous actors get stage fright.
  • Most actors are very shy people.
  • Even famous writers get writer's block.
  • Many teachers are afraid to speak in front of other adults.
  • Listening can be just as hard as speaking.
  • Poor listeners make bad actors.
  • Anyone can overcome their communication fears.

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