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Hi My name is Chanel, I'm 16 years old and I attend Performing Arts School in Times Square. I Iive in Queens so it takes me over an hour to get to school on time, leaving me no time to eat! So do I skip breakfast? No way! How else could I dance and sing for hours without the charge I get from breakfast? In the morning I bag a hard boiled egg or two, and some dry cereal, and eat it on the go! Although I am a healthy eater, I am also a chocolate feind! If you love chocolate as much as I do, you should know that dark chocolate is healthier that milk chocolate, so enjoy it in moderation. Speaking of moderation, you know those Nutrition Facts located on the back of all of the packaged foods you buy? Well the next time you're out food shopping you should look at the serving size on the back. When reading those Nutrition facts you might think that it applies to all of the contents inside, but sometimes the information might only apply to a quarter of the contents! Surrounding my school in the city there are countless restaurants to dine at, so how do I eat out and still stay healthy? I avoid serving sizes like super size, biggy and grande. I also avoid things that are fried, sauted, breaded or scalloped. I order things that are baked or grilled. It is important to me to feel healthy and I can accomplish that through eating well and excercising. But sometimes I don't have time to excercise, so I try to incorporate it into my everyday life by making some fine adjustments. For one thing, although an elevator might be available to me, I take the stairs. Even when I'm walking I take longer strides. When I'm watching TV and there's a commercial break I do push-ups or crunches. Staying healthy has become a very important part of my life and I can't do it without the help of my friends and my family. When you're snacking, share with a friend and share some of these tips with you're family. You don't have to completley change your life to be healthy, I certainly didn't!,

Hi my name is Erez and I am 17. I am currently a junior at the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan. I have always been interested in performing. To entertain people is just really cool. I hope to one day be a successful actor in film and tv. Some other hobbies of mine are skiing, surfing, swimming, and relaxing during my hectic schedule. With this hectic schedule, I try to go to the gym. But, when I don't have time I just do some exercises at home such as push ups and sit ups. Sometimes I will do them during those long comercials of my favorite t.v shows. Also, even though it is quicker, I try not to have fast food. I will just wake up ten minutes earlier and make myself a sandwich and pack it with a fruit or vegtable. Water and juices which say on the back "100%" juice are always better to drink. In the end it really makes you feel better and not make your day as tiring. PEACE!

My name is Spencer and I'm a 17-year-old junior at the Professional Performing Arts School as a musical theatre major. I was raised in New Jersey, but currently reside in New York City. I love to act, sing, and dance, but my favorite hobby is riding roller coasters! Through the process of filming this episode of In the Mix I learned a lot about what I need to do to keep my body healthy. I've always been a dancer and that's probably my main form of exercise. The few hours of cardio a week help to keep me at a healthy weight for my body. The great thing about dance is that you don't even have to be a "dancer" to take a class and reap all the benefits from it. Many places all over have beginner or basic classes. And if you can't get to a studio, it's way too easy to dance at home! Just pop in your favorite CD and start moving! You might even make up some fun combinations to teach your friends in the process! Also, I try to watch what I eat. From "In the Mix" I learned simple ways to reduce my caloric and fat intake each day, such as eating baked chips instead of fried and wiping the grease off of my pizza. I learned that it's not really so difficult to eat healthy and truly stay "fit for life!"

Hi, I am Demetrius, from Brooklyn, NY. I am currently going to the School for Performing Arts in Manhattan and, my major is singing. Some people think I am weird because unlike other singers my age I am the only one not singing R&B and Pop I sing Sinatra style. Yep, that's right...I am a 50's crooner. I have also performed with artists such as Elton John, Alicia Keys, and Fantasia. Another cool hobby of mine is to do pottery. I think it's so cool to see your creation come to life and be able to use my pots. Basketball, as you may know from the show, is something that helped raise my confidence because before basket ball I weighed more than I do now. Every single day I played 'till I was satisfied with my weight.