Political Literacy: Sifting Thru The Spin
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ITM Reporter Liz talked to Senator (and former Presidential candidate) Bob Dole about being human AND politically active.

Liz: Senator Dole, since you've left the public sector, you've been doing shows like "The Daily Show" and really showing your humorous side, which I think young people connect with. How do you think young people and politicians can really come together so young people can feel like they really understand politics and it's something interesting for them?

Bob Dole: What I'm trying to do is reach people and get them to take another look at those of us in politics, and try to encourage them, regardless of our politics, philosophy, whatever, and know that we're sort of human. That we laugh and we cry, we do things of that kind, and that it's important for young people to participate. I just was told that a significant percent of young people get their news from shows like this, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", so there'll be a little serious stuff in the program too. I think the laughter helps. After all, we have in the Constitution "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." We're the only country that has that in our constitution.

Liz: If you were speaking to a young person, what would you suggest they look at: newspapers, the Internet, talking to their peers?

Bob Dole: You get a lot of good info on the Internet and you can pick and choose. Of course you can get info from the candidates and I don't say it's not factual, but you may not have all the details, and you may not see all the shortcomings. It's hard to get all the info about education, the environment-- issues that are going to affect your life in 15-20 years.

Liz: What would you say to young people thinking about going into politics?

Bob Dole: You just have to find somebody running for the party of your choice. Pick out somebody running for the state legislature, Congress, or even President. Those are the exciting elections. Get involved. You meet a lot of great people. I've had people that met each other on my campaign and ended up getting married. At least some good things came out of my campaign! You learn alot about people and you learn how to communicate, network, and all these things. I think it's a great opportunity for young people. If you don't like what we're doing, you've got to get involved to change it. That's how it happens: when enough people get involved, you have changes.