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Conscience and the Constitution

James Omura - on threats from Min Yasui (transcript)

"But just before he left, I was holding the door open to the street, he turned around and says, 'I'm going to see you go to prison, one way or another.' Over the weekend, I thought about that. That bothered me a great deal. And on Monday morning I came to work. I told the publisher, 'I think this man is an informant. And so we ought to try to confirm it.' I didn't ask the publisher to call the FBI She volunteered. She knew an FBI agent. She made the call. And they told her that Mr. Yasui isn't in yet. He's a little bit late this morning, and that we should try the marshal's office, so I decided to call the Marshal's office. And when I called they told me that 'Mr. Yasui is very late this morning. It's possible that he sometimes go to the FBI first before reporting in.'"


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